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See https://www.seegrid.csiro.au/subversion/HollowWorld/trunk/ClassMaps/ClassMap_ISO_19103_CSL_GML31_for_GeosciML.xml
Yes, would be best to move it to the geosciml.org server.
Then you need to make sure that it is invoked, in the right sequence so it takes precedence over the 'standard' classmap.


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Hi Simon,

Hmm, that's one I didn't see coming.  Could you perhaps include an appropriately annotated classmap (ie, containing comments explaining the situation with cgu:CodewithAuthorityType) with the classmaps provided at www.geosciml.org<http://www.geosciml.org/>



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A final item in the disentanglement of FullMoon from GeoSciML is that in the Classmap for ISO 19103 GML 3.1 implementation, ScopedName is mapped to cgu:CodeWithAuthorityType. This enforces the presence of the CodeSpace on in the XML, for which there was no implementation in GML 3.1 (this was fixed in GML 3.2).
I am planning to revert the mapping of ScopedName to the 'nearest' GML 3.1 component - i.e. gml:CodeType.
But this would mean that this mapping would need to be overridden by a local classmap for ISO 19103 for any future GML 3.1 implementations by the GeoSciML community.


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