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Ben already answered your question Simon.

Ollie, schemas.geosciml.org<http://schemas.geosciml.org> and resources.geosciml.org<http://resources.geosciml.org> are the 2 declared subdomains and they automatically redirect to the main www.geosciml.org<http://www.geosciml.org> page.
For the moment, we've tested the redirection for the CGI vocab. The simpleLithology vocab URI are now resolved in a browser (see http://resource.geosciml.org/classifier/cgi/lithology/0066 ). We identified a minor bottleneck with the triple store vocab manager service that is being investigated.
Will look at the PURL server and work out the redirection for the schemas as you detailed in your email.



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Are these currently set in an Apache config?
If there are going to be a lot, and if they will need maintaining regularly, then it might be worth standing up a PURL server (e.g. PURLZ) which is just for managing URL redirection.


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Hi Gilly,

I think that the redirect established for http://schemas.geosciml.org<http://schemas.geosciml.org/> has to be tweaked.  It appears that currently there is a single redirect from http://schemas.geosciml.org<http://schemas.geosciml.org/> to  http://www.geosciml.org<http://www.geosciml.org/>, but  I think it needs to be several redirects:

 http://schemas.geosciml.org/cgiutilities/1.0   <->  http://www.geosciml.org/cgiutilities/1.0/xsd
 http://schemas.geosciml.org/geosciml/2.0    <->  http://www.geosciml.org/geosciml/2.0/xsd
 http://schemas.geosciml.org/geosciml/2.1    <->  http://www.geosciml.org/geosciml/2.1/xsd
 http://schemas.geosciml.org/geotime/2.0_rc3  <->  http://www.geosciml.org/geotime/2.0_rc3/xsd

Then the existing schemas on www.geosciml.org<http://www.geosciml.org> will work with the pathname pattern we have established for future GeoSciML schemas, eg: http://schemas.geosciml.org/geosciml/3.0/geosciml.xsd orhttp://schemas.geosciml.org/cgiutilities/3.0/value.xsd



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