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Hi Alistair,

You pre-empted my next question - what mappings from text to numbers do you use.  I have seen the following in our old GGIPAC vocabularies:
"major" = >25%, "minor" = <25%, "trace" = <5%

Is there an agreed numeric mapping of terms - eg, "dominant" and "subordinate" are relative proportion terms, not absolute proportions.  What is the full list of GSV mappings of proportion terms?


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Should be part of the definition of 'dominant' etc. For example, from the definitions in GSV's Classification Manager:

dominant: 'Component constitutes greater than or equal to 75 percent of the volume of the material.'

            <gsml:principalValue uom="http://some.uri/uom/percent">75</gsml:principalValue>
            <gsml:principalValue uom="http://some.uri/uom/percent">100</gsml:principalValue>

and so on ...

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Hi Ollie,
The reasoning for numbers was that these are 'universally' searchable.  The intention here was that instead of mapping your local terms ('major', 'minor', 'dominant' etc) to a common CGI vocabulary, and then searching on that vocabulary, the data provider maps their terms directly to a numeric range.

Hey presto - instant interoperability without the need for a vocabulary service!

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Hi all,

I think we may have been a bit over zealous in constraining the model by limiting the various occurrences of "proportion" in GeoSciML v3 to be CGI_NumericRange (eg: GeologicUnitPart/proportion, CompositionPart/proportion).  I have found that my available "proportion" data is in the form of "major", "minor", "dominant", "trace", etc and I am unable to deliver this data in a numeric form.  Searching back through the instance docs of Testbed3 (GeoSciML v2 allowed text or numbers) indicates that text is the common format of "proportion" data, not numbers.

Can anyone remember the reasoning behind the change to numbers only for "proportion"?  Otherwise, I suggest we change the model to accommodate text values for "proportion".

Comments please,


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