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Hi all,


Now that the GeoSciML v3_rc2 schemas are available for Testbed4 testing, could I ask that any bugs that you find in the schemas are submitted to me (via this email list) for incorporation in the trunk prior to final release of GeoSciML v3.


Bugs that I have found to date include:


1. GeologicEvent/eventProcess needs to be made nillable (with nilReason)

2. Borehole coredInterval gml:envelope needs to change to gml:linestring with constraints

3. Borehole dateOfDrilling needs to change to TM_TimePeriod

4. cgu:NumericRange/estimatedValue is has a nillable tag in the UML, but not in the xsd.

5. Need to delete glab:GeologicSpecimenPreparation class, as it is effectively a duplicate of ISO19156 Specimen/PreparationStep 






Ollie Raymond

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Geoscience Australia

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