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Last year I suggested moving GeologicUnit and GeologicStructure out of 
GeoSciML-Core, but received no support then. Clearly I am in favour of an 
improved refactoring but there is potentially considerable discussion 
required to determine what should be in GeoSciML-Core.  Simon has 
suggested one option, I'd prefer to see EarthMaterial, GeologicFeature, 
Collection remain in GeoSciML-Core, with GeologicUnit, GeologicStructure, 
GeologicAge and GeologicRelation have their own package.

Given how close the Edinburgh meeting is, and the need to determine how to 
refactor I think we have missed the opportunity and will need to leave it 
to an OGC DWG.

Regarding instance documents, like Eric I have not produced any yet - none 
of the current GeoSciML v3 ones validate in Altova XMLSpy so AFAIC we do 
not yet have a valid schema.  As such any decision will not set back work 
I have done (trying to fix gsml:Borehole).

Bruce Simons
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It depends if there is a strong requirement to have that version of the 
schema before Edinburgh meeting for testing.  Honestly, I just started to 
work on instance documents so I don't have a large backlog to deal with. 
Changes to the schema at this point (and if I understand correctly) is 
mostly rework the schemaLocation, namespaces (and prefixes) of the same 
instance documents and not a change to the model itself so it's not a 
moving target as far as the model is concerned.  In short, if the work on 
RC3 schemas instance is meant to provide input for final version in 
Edinburgh and those instance are about the same model (minus the packaging 
artefacts), I don't see it as a big problem (exclusing the fact that we 
will punish those who made their instances / services early and reward 
procrastinators like me) - we can still use those instance has a way to 
test the model.  On the other hand, if this actually changes a significant 
part of the model that was meant to be tested and the schema are delayed 
up to the eleventh hour.. I think it's too late.  If we count repackaging, 
and generating / testing schemas involving 2 persons 13 time zones apart, 
we are looking probably at one week before the schemas are ready.
BTW. is there a plan to put into place a formal RC (request change) 
mechanism à la OGC or is this question to be lumped into a bigger 
discussion about having GeoSciML as a formal OGC DWG ?

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There are a couple of mutual dependency glitches to iron out before 
Simon's suggestion could be done:
1. GeoSciMLCore-GeologicEvent <-> GeologicStructure-DisplacementValue = 
mutual dependency between GeoSciML-Core and GeologicStructure
2. (GeologicStructure-GeologicStructure -> GeoSciML-Core-GeologicFeature) 
+ (GeoSciMLCore-GeologicEvent -> GeologicStructure-DisplacementValue) = 
mutual dependency between GeoSciML-Core and GeologicStructure
Apart from the above dependency glitches which would need remodelling, we 
are a long way down the track of version 3 now.  I'm currently putting the 
finishing touches to the v3 rc3 schemas and was hoping that this RC would 
be the last one.  A refactor at this stage (with 3 new app schemas and 
namespaces) would be a pretty major reconstruction of what we've been 
working on with v3 RC's to date (and Francois and I will effectively 
discard our last week's work on generating/checking the v3 rc3 schemas if 
we want to refactor GeoSciML now).
I would love to say "Put this off until version 4".  However, I am loathe 
to give anyone a further chance to label GeoSciML as a "moving target" 
with yet another refactoring at version 4.  So if we want to do any more 
package refactoring, I would strongly urge that we do it now or not at 
all.  If the GeoSciML team is amenable to Simon's refactoring suggestions, 
Francois and I would stop work on the current v3 rc3 schemas and we'll 
generate a new set of schemas after the model is refactored.
Given the implications of Simon's suggestion, could I ask for comments 
from all of the GeoSciML team with some urgency.  My personal feeling is 
one of ambivalence to further splitting up of the GeoSciML-Core 
application schema.  I'm not convinced of the need for it, but I would not 
be opposed to the idea if the majority of the GeoSciML community was for 

Ollie Raymond

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Following the recent changes to the model relating to relations and 
derivations, I’d like to ask if this opens up (again) the opportunity for 
some package refactoring? 
i . make GeoSciML-core just contain the GeologicFeature, GeologicRelation 
and GeologicAge leaf packages (this makes sense as geology is a historical 
science) and 
ii, iii, iv., move GeologicMaterial, GeologicUnit and GeologicStructure, 
into their own Application Schemas. 
DefiningStructure and BoundaryRelationship should be moved in 
GeologicStructure, but otherwise I think the dependencies are pretty clean 


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