[auscope-geosciml] Opportunities for re-factoring GeoSciML? [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

Simon.Cox at csiro.au Simon.Cox at csiro.au
Mon Jun 13 20:25:46 EDT 2011

The reason for re-factoring is that GeoSciML altogether is fiendishly elaborate and complicated.
Putting stuff in separate packages/namespaces allows for implementation/conformance testing at the level of those packages.

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Hi Ollie,

I think there has to be a very good reason for doing this which I'm not entirely convinced of. I agree we must try and ensure GeoSciML is not a moving target any more but my inclination is to leave it as it is and try get v3 finished as quickly as possible.


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There are a couple of mutual dependency glitches to iron out before Simon's suggestion could be done:

1. GeoSciMLCore-GeologicEvent <-> GeologicStructure-DisplacementValue = mutual dependency between GeoSciML-Core and GeologicStructure

2. (GeologicStructure-GeologicStructure -> GeoSciML-Core-GeologicFeature) + (GeoSciMLCore-GeologicEvent -> GeologicStructure-DisplacementValue) = mutual dependency between GeoSciML-Core and GeologicStructure

Apart from the above dependency glitches which would need remodelling, we are a long way down the track of version 3 now.  I'm currently putting the finishing touches to the v3 rc3 schemas and was hoping that this RC would be the last one.  A refactor at this stage (with 3 new app schemas and namespaces) would be a pretty major reconstruction of what we've been working on with v3 RC's to date (and Francois and I will effectively discard our last week's work on generating/checking the v3 rc3 schemas if we want to refactor GeoSciML now).

I would love to say "Put this off until version 4".  However, I am loathe to give anyone a further chance to label GeoSciML as a "moving target" with yet another refactoring at version 4.  So if we want to do any more package refactoring, I would strongly urge that we do it now or not at all.  If the GeoSciML team is amenable to Simon's refactoring suggestions, Francois and I would stop work on the current v3 rc3 schemas and we'll generate a new set of schemas after the model is refactored.

Given the implications of Simon's suggestion, could I ask for comments from all of the GeoSciML team with some urgency.  My personal feeling is one of ambivalence to further splitting up of the GeoSciML-Core application schema.  I'm not convinced of the need for it, but I would not be opposed to the idea if the majority of the GeoSciML community was for it.



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Following the recent changes to the model relating to relations and derivations, I'd like to ask if this opens up (again) the opportunity for some package refactoring?
i . make GeoSciML-core just contain the GeologicFeature, GeologicRelation and GeologicAge leaf packages (this makes sense as geology is a historical science) and
ii, iii, iv., move GeologicMaterial, GeologicUnit and GeologicStructure,  into their own Application Schemas.

DefiningStructure and BoundaryRelationship should be moved in GeologicStructure, but otherwise I think the dependencies are pretty clean now.


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