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Where should the subversion TB4 instance documents go?

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Hi Marcus,
But the instance docs (and presumably the schematron docs) made for rc2 
won’t validate with the rc3 schemas, so we need to keep the rc number in 
the pathname so that it is clear which instance docs go with which rc 
version of the schemas.
Ollie Raymond
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Subject: [SVN] Marcus Sen changed the GeoSciML subversion repository
Hi Oliver, 
cgsrv2 GeoSciML repository has been updated.
Version : 3842.
Author : Marcus Sen.
Log Message:
Rename branch as may be used for rc3 (and later) instance examples and 
Schematron rules, not just rc2.
A      branches/3.0.0/
D      branches/3.0.0_rc2/
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