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Hi all,
>From my perspective, having 1-2 days should be enough to reprocess the new XMI files and create the new schemas and then pass them to Ollie to perform the final check/edits.
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Hi all,


The continued discussions around various parts of GeoSciML v3 this close to Edinburgh indicate to me that we still have issues with v3, and I have stopped doing any work on the current v3 RC3 schemas.  Generating a new set of schemas at this point (eg, after finalising discussion/acceptance/modelling of Simon and Bruce's suggestions) would take us almost right up to Edinburgh.  I realise that the v3 schemas have been a long time in gestation, but the testing of the RC1 and RC2 release candidates, and use of the GSMLv2 and O&Mv2 schemas in production environments have raised some valid points that needed addressing before final release of v3 .


I propose that the model discussions for v3 be halted once and for all at Edinburgh in 2 weeks time.  I will compose the model meeting agenda so that we draw a line under absolutely everything with the model at Edinburgh.  Any model changes not finalised at Edinburgh will be TOO LATE, so if you want issues dealt with, please submit fully modelled solutions to your issue immediately.  


Francois and I have a pretty good system for generating and checking schemas now (only editing the nillable tags on non-feature classes still takes up some time) and we could have new RC3 schemas done by the end of July.  The RC3 schemas will be designed to be the final release schemas for v3.0.0.







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