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Robida Francois f.robida at brgm.fr
Fri Jun 17 05:06:20 EDT 2011

Dear Alistair,

Good luck for your return to your great and beautiful country. I understand that you will work on similar topics (though non geologic), and we will certainly have the opportunity to meet again (in OGC meetings ?).
It has been a real pleasure to meet and work with you in this nice and friendly CGI group.

All the best,


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Hi GeoSciMLers

This week I handed in my resignation at GeoScience Victoria and in August will take a position as Environmental Information and Systems Analyst at Landcare Research in New Zealand. My resignation also coincides with the end of GeoScience Victoria as a Victorian government entity.

Over the next two weeks I hope to get some basic web feature (GeoSciML 3.0) and web map (GeoSciML-TV) services working for Testbed 4 with the primary intent of testing the use of http-URIs as property values and resolvable identifiers. The latter will test providing different representations of resources using HTTP content negotiation and the linking of GeoSciML and GeoSciML-TV services.

You may have noticed that I've been very quiet this year - the changes here included a withdrawal of support for our CGI work and as a result I have not done anywhere near as much work as I would have liked for GeoSciML 3.0 and Testbed 4. This change in direction was a significant factor in my decision to leave GSV (helped by being given an opportunity to go home to New Zealand).

With Testbed 4 complete I will then resign from the CGI-IWG. My new job is focussed on the design and deployment of OGC and vocabulary services for environmental scientists and has a strong collaborative aspect so I hope to still work with (steal from, give to) the GeoSciML community in the future.

I've thoroughly enjoyed working with you all and, this is the important bit, am grateful for your help and support over the years - that GSV has services up at all is more because of you lot - our external collaboration partners - than our internal IT support. Thank you.

Oh, and I also quite enjoyed hanging out during the evenings in various cities around the world.

Take care,

Alistair Ritchie
Department of Primary Industries | Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Tel: +61 3 9658 4512 | Fax: +61 3 9658 4555

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