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Oliver.Raymond at ga.gov.au Oliver.Raymond at ga.gov.au
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Hi IWG gents,

Dale and Terry Rankine and I had a chat with Don Murray of Safe Software yesterday to get a feeling for what kind of cooperation he is after with us.  Don is looking to upgrade the 2012 version of FME to import/export complex features XML.  He has already started an "XML Challenge" (a bit technical challenge, a bit marketing gimmick) for people to send him some XML data and he will try to import it into FME (see here: http://blog.safe.com/2011/05/defeating-xml-gml-part-2-of-2/ and http://screencast.com/t/uv83xHNZgQ).  The example shown is pretty simple, but Don wants to be able to handle more complex XML and is after complex XML examples (ie, instances and WFS services) and data transfer scenarios (eg, import borehole sample data into an ESRI geodatabase, or an Oracle database) for him to work with.

We told Don where he could find the AuScope portal services (GeoSciML, EarthResourceML, O&M), and that he can use the test datasets and validation tools that are being used by AuScope and the Geoserver development team.  The AuScope SLAKE water measurements test dataset, which uses O&M for its WFS, is probably in the best shape for Don's purposes right now and we told him that if he can import/export the XML patterns in O&M, then he will be able to handle GeoSciML too.

Don will be at the INSPIRE conference (27 June - 1 July) and would like to catch up with the GeoSciML people there to progress co-operation between us.  (I won't be at the INSPIRE conference.)  Don will not be around during the Edinburgh GeoSciML meeting (4-8 July), and then will be in San Diego for the ESRI user conference (July 11-15 where he will catch up with Robyn Gallagher from GA and others - ?Steve).

Could I ask the IWG reps who will be at the INSPIRE conference (John, Tim, Bruce, Jean-Jacques) to arrange a meeting with Don during the INSPIRE conference through his executive assistant, Preeti Sharma - preeti.sharma at safe.com<mailto:preeti.sharma at safe.com>.  (Don's email: dcm at safe.com)


PS. Could you include Dale in the INSPIRE conference meeting.


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