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> Rules with some comments about the rules that would be required to
> apply filter on age and lithology. 
Would it be appropriate to define these rules as belonging to a specific

I.e. the general model is flexible and allows the association of a number
of different ages and lithologies with a geologic unit but we would like
to provide some services which allow applications to highlight or colour
mapped features according to a single nominal age or lithology. So we
could define restricted profiles for the use of simple querying clients
that only had a single age or lithology.

>     * In order to be able to request the "main" lithology, we must
> define one lithology per compositionPart, and use the proportion of the
> composition part to determine the main one
Do we also need to ensure only one composition property per geologic unit?

>     * But, as the proportion is now defined using numbers, it will be
> difficult (or even impossible) to extract the "main". We can only use
> cgu:estimatedValue, swe:value (considering that uom is always %), to
> propose filter searching for lithology "more than 50%" (for instance).
> But if we have several lithology (20%, 20%, 20M, 40%), the main one
> won't match this filter.
I'm a bit confused over when you might have more than one composition
property on a GeologicUnit and whether there is any implied dominance
between several lithology properties of a RockMaterial. The proportion property
of the CompositionPart refers to proportion of a particular CompoundMaterial/RockMaterial
that might have several lithologies itself. So we could say we want
just one GeologicUnit/composition property and that the RockMaterial
should have just one lithology property. Or if we allowed several
GeologicUnit/composition properties then require one with a proportion
of > 50% / 75% or something. What seems the best idea to everyone?

> Age
>     * Without preferred age (if we have several GeologicEvent in the
> GeologicHistory), how to determine what age should be requested?
>     * If we are able to know what geologicEvent should be request,
>           o we could use <gsml:olderNamedAge
> xlink:href="urn:cgi:classifier:ICS:StratChart:200908:UpperOrdovician"/>,
> so it is required to give an olderNamedAge using the controlled
> vocabulary.
So shall we make a profile which requires just one GeologicUnit/geologicHistory
property where the olderNamedAge = youngerNamedAge? Any comments?


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