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if voided, wouldn't it mean that the positionalAccuracy is "not known / not available" as opposed to "known but always the same" ?
What would be neat is to have some way at the beginning of a feature collection to declare default values for voided (or missing) properties.
(cafeine kicking in)..


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Hi Ollie,
In the INSPIRE group there is some concern over the implications of the positionalAccuracy and resolutionScale properties of MappedFeature. At present as I understand it these are not voidable so require to be provided for every MappedFeature - which is potentially quite an overhead. In OneGeology-Europe we just hard-coded in values for particular services (so all MappedFeatures for a particular map service were given the same values), but clearly that is really just duplicating information that could be in the metadata. Could these properties be made voidable or have a (0..1) cardinality? In reality, at least where maps other than field maps are concerned, the positionalAccuracy and resolutionScale will always be the same for all MappedFeatures on a particular map.
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