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and the FullMoon trac/svn too

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Not sure if you already got this (can't tell from the header)
This is about our GeoSciML TRAC.


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Objet : ARCS Communication - On-Going Support on TRAC/SVN at Intersect

	Dear TRAC/SVN user 
	Funding for ARCS will cease on the 30th of June this year. INTERSECT has agreed to continue to provide access to your TRAC/SVN site until at least 30/6/2012. 
	After the 30th June, 2011, if you require assistance with your TRAC/SVN site you will need to contact INTERSECT at admin at intersect.org.au 
	If you require more information or wish to discuss this further, please contact me directly or contact the ARCS Service Desk by email customerservice at arcs.org.au or by calling 1800 862 727 from 9am to 5pm AEST Monday through Friday. 
	We thank you for your support of ARCS services in what has been an exciting 3 years for Australian eResearch and wish you excellent continuation of your research. 

	Alex Vecchiarelli

	Service Desk Manager


	eResearch SA

	Room 115, Level 1, Physics Building

	University of Adelaide

	SA 5005 Australia

	email: alex.vecchiarelli at arcs.org.au

	email: alex.vecchiarelli at ersa.edu.au  <mailto:alex.vecchiarelli at ersa.edu.au> 

	Office:   08 8303 8263

	Mobile: 0410 024 464

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