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Is the OGC is establishing a geo-domain working group, if so perhaps they can support this? That would mirror the hydro and met domain practices emerging. Assuming CGI doesn't have facilities? (not a very scalable solution for all domains though - unless OGC established some sort of low maintenance domain modelling collaboration workbench...)

It's been  moved _from_ SEEGRID - it feels retrograde to put it back. 


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What is not mentioned in today's ARCS announcement is ongoing support 
for mailing lists, such as this one (look at the address). This is 
because there will be none.

*This mailing list will be shut down.*

There are several viable options for a new mailing list service, 
including Google and CSIRO's Mailman lists. Selection criteria should 

- Avoiding the perception of organisational hegemony i.e. a CSIRO list 
might give the impression that CSIRO owns GeoSciML or can be blamed for 
it (I'm not saying that it can't [via Simon]!). But we accept this for 
SEEGrid, so maybe it is not a big deal.

- Level of technical support. Google is free: if it breaks or is 
compromised, you get your money back. CSIRO at least in theory provides 
technical support.

- Features, familiarity, and ease of administration. CSIRO uses Mailman, 
like this list.

What do youse want to do?

Kind regards,

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Subject: ARCS Communication - On-Going Support on TRAC/SVN at Intersect
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Dear TRAC/SVN user

Funding for ARCS will cease on the 30th of June this year. INTERSECT has 
agreed to continue to provide access to your TRAC/SVN site until at 
least 30/6/2012.

After the 30th June, 2011, if you require assistance with your TRAC/SVN 
site you will need to contact INTERSECT at 
admin at intersect.org.au<mailto:admin at intersect.org.au>

If you require more information or wish to discuss this further, please 
contact me directly or contact the ARCS Service Desk by email 
customerservice at arcs.org.au<mailto:customerservice at arcs.org.au> or by 
calling 1800 862 727 from 9am to 5pm AEST Monday through Friday.

We thank you for your support of ARCS services in what has been an 
exciting 3 years for Australian eResearch and wish you excellent 
continuation of your research.



Alex Vecchiarelli

Service Desk Manager


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