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Separation is a vector in the same sense that apparent dip is a vector-it's
the distance between offset segments of a surface *measured in some
particular direction* (horizontal, vertical in the simplest cases.)



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Hi Bruce


Just cleaning up the last little bits on the model so we can generate a new
set of schemas.  I noticed this outstanding GeoSciML Trac job (#2) of

> ShearDisplacementStructures? the UML has: SeparationValue:separation =
reported apparent offset of planar feature, report as vector. 

However separation in the Geology Glossary (Bates & Jackson) has: 
"The distance between any two parts of an index plane disrupted by a fault
(also horizontal separation; vertical separation; vertical separation)".
This is not really a CGI_Vector datatype, but a magnitude with (apparent)
separation type. 

I suggest for GeoSciML version RC3.0 we replace the
SeparationValue:separation property with SeparationValue:magnitude (data
type CGI_NumericRange) and add a property SeparationValue:separationType
with a data type
SeparationTypeCode? with a
<https://projects.arcs.org.au/trac/geosciml/wiki/CodeList> CodeList? of: 
'horizontal separation', 
'dextral horizontal separation', 
'sinistral horizontal separation', 
'vertical separation' 
'reverse separation', 
'normal separation', 
'stratigraphic separation' 

No problems to change the CGI_Vector to a magnitude.


Question:  Is the MovementSense attribute on the parent DisplacementValue
class not already sufficient to describe your proposed SeparationType?








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