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Ollie -

All looks sensible *except* the assumption that the new concepts should be added to the CGI vocabulary.
You can define a GA vocabulary, which imports the CGI vocabulary and extends it with additional terms.
That way you can manage your own requirements.

Of course, if there is community agreement they can be promoted to CGI, but I do suggest that you should get used to the idea that some things can and should be handled more locally.


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Hi CGI vocabulary people,

1.  I want to use GeoSciML to deliver geological provinces as GeologicUnits.  At GA, we capture:
*         basins (sedimentary provinces)
*         cratons and orogens (lithotectonic provinces)
*         igneous (magmatic) provinces
*         metallogenic provinces
*         metamorphic provinces

The GeologicUnitType currently vocabulary has:
*         lithostratigraphic unit -> I can use this for sedimentary basins
*         lithotectonic unit -> I can use this for cratons and orogens, but I'd like to be able to have a separate subcategory for each of "craton" and "orogen"
*         nothing that seems to cover igneous, metallogenic or metamorphic provinces

Do you think it appropriate that we add these geological province types to the GeologicUnitType vocabulary?

2.  Rank
If we add province types to the list of GeologicUnitTypes, then I'd like to add some hierarchical province rank terms to the Rank vocabulary.  At GA we use:
*         Superprovince
*         Province
*         Subprovince
*         Domain
*         Microdomain

I'm happy to hear anyone's thoughts.  What does your geological organisation capture/deliver?



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