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Steve Richard steve.richard at azgs.az.gov
Wed Aug 8 02:23:18 EDT 2012

Hi gang, sorry about the short notice.

The submission deadline is tonight, and I'd like to get something in to keep
IWG work on the radar at AGU. Here's a draft-if you get a chance, have a
read and edit as you see fit!







GeoSciML and EarthResourceML Update, 2012


Interoperability Working Group Commission for the Management and Application
International Union of Geological Sciences1, Stephen M. RICHARD2,


1IUGS CGI, Hannover, Germany; 2Interoperability Working Group, Az. Geo.

Survey, Tucson, AZ, USA, Email  <mailto:steve.richard at azgs.az.gov>

steve.richard at azgs.az.gov;


Interoperability working group activities during 2012 include deployment of
services using the GeoSciML-portrayal schema, addition of new vocabularies
to support properties added in version 3.0, improvements to server software
for deploying services, and introduction of EarthResourceML v.2 for mineral
resources, coordination with the IUSS of a soils markup language for soils
information. GeoSciML-portrayal is an OGC GML simple-feature application
schema for presentation of geologic map unit, contact, and shear
displacement structure (fault and ductile shear zone) descriptions in web
map services.  Use of standard vocabulary for geologic ages and lithology
enables map services using shared legends to achieve visual harmonization of
maps provided by different services. X new vocabularies have been added to
the collection of CGI vocabularies provided to support interoperable
GeoSciML services; vocabularies can be accessed through
http://resource.geosciml.org. Concept URIs can be dereferenced to obtain
SKOS rdf or html representations using SISSVoc vocabulary service. New
releases of the FOSS GeoServer application greatly improve support for
complex XML feature schemas like GeoSciML, and the ArcGIS for INSPIRE
extension implements similar complex feature support for ArcGIS server.

These improved server implementations greatly facilitate deploying GeoSciML
services. EarthResourceML v2 adds features for information related to mining
activities. SoilML provides and interchange format for soil, soil profile,
and terrain information. Work is underway to add GeoSciML to the portfolio
of Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) specifications.



Stephen M Richard

Arizona Geological Survey

416 W. congress #100

Tucson, AZ

AZGS: 520-770-3500

Office: 520-209-4127

FAX: 520-770-3505


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