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Somehow I attached an earlier draft of the abstract I was playing with.
The correct one now attached!

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Hi Ollie,
Attached is a draft with some suggested minor corrections to the text.
At the risk of offending Jouni  I have suggested a change of authorship.
Although Jouni was at the Edinburgh meeting my feeling is that Jouni has been more involved in getting EarthResouirceML2 up, rather than GeoSciML 3. As such he is (hopefully) submitting a separate abstract on that to the IGC.
Along with others no longer on the authorship list, Simon has been crucial in getting us to where we are now. Although Simon was not at the past few IWG meetings, I believe he was the instigator and driver behind the GeoSciML 3 refactoring and move to GML 3.2.

Although it may mean some contributions are not recognised, I would prefer to see an actual author list rather than use the "CGI Interoperability Working Group" (purely a reflection of my move to CSIRO and its focus on citations!!).

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Subject: [auscope-geosciml] 34th IGC - abstract for GeoSciML v3 - for comment [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

Hi all,

Please find attached a proposed GeoSciML v3 abstract for 34th IGC - for comments please.  I have added a one-liner about submission to OGC.

The abstract is a severely pared-down version of the 400-word EGU conference abstract.  IGC limits are only 250 words and 1500 characters, although I have had discussions with the conference organisers here in Canberra about the very unrealistic mismatch between 250 words and 1500 characters.  The attached abstract is 241 words but is over 1700 characters - I think they forgot that scientists use big words.  I anticipate that the character limit may be amended on the conference website very soon.

Another issue is the author list.  The IGC have a 10 author limit.  As a result, I have already pared the author list a bit without losing agency representation but I might be forced to cull more.  Should we submit it as author = "CGI-IUGS Interoperability Working Group"?



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