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Hi John,


An A4 flier with a short description of GeoSciML, Portrayal and ERML on it, and relevant resource URLs?  Could include those new fandangled QR code thingys 

 <https://email.nrcan.gc.ca/exchange/eboisver/Drafts/RE%C2%A0:%20[auscope-geosciml]%20IUGS%20Booth%20at%20IGC%20Brisbane%20[SEC=UNCLASSIFIED].EML/1_multipart/image001.jpg>  to provide links to online resources for the smart phone users?







Ollie Raymond


Section Leader

National Geological Maps and Data Standards Section <http://www.ga.gov.au/minerals/projects/current-projects/geological-maps-standards.html> 

Geoscience Australia


Interoperability Working Group <https://www.seegrid.csiro.au/wiki/bin/view/CGIModel/InteroperabilityWG> 

IUGS Commission for the Management and Application of Geoscience Information


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See below. This would be an opportunity to publicise GeoSciML v3 and ERML v2. Suggestions as to the best approach?




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Subject: WG: IUGS Booth at IGC Brisbane


Dear Friends and CGI Council members,


As you are aware the IGC in Brisbane is gradually coming nearer and this time we will be having an opportunity to promote CGI values and achievement  received  at the IUGS booth.

Can you please let me know your suggestion on themes and posters/banners/flyer by end of March (30th), so that we can discuss you ideas.


An example as to what we could present  would be a GIRAF flyer and possibly a GIRAF poster. I think that the Interoperability Working Group should be presented in any case there and I do look forward to the ideas of the IWGd. Perhaps also the Asian and/or South American CGI community would like to be present with a flyer and/or poster?


Please let me know your ideas!






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