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Hi GeoSciML'ers,

Some of you may not be aware of the great dramas that the CityGML community have been having in trying to get their latest version approved by OGC - they have not followed the versioning rules properly and have been trying to get an exemption from the rules, which would then be a precedent that may understandably cause OGC grief in the future (or force OGC to change their rules).

I don't predict a similar issue for us with OGC, but it is a cautionary tale for us to make sure that all our ducks are perfectly lined up before we present GeoSciML v3 to OGC.



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Quorum was reached and the vote did not pass with the following result

No 7
Yes 5
Abstain 2
Not voted 6

Based on this result and the statements given we will issue another evote tomorrow to propose option 2 (change the version of the current CityGML candidate specification to 2.0).

It is for Carl and not us to announce the outcome of TC votes, but looking at the result of the CityGML adoption vote, it is our interpretation that the vote reached quorum and passed with a simple majority of active voting members as well as only one no vote.

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