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Some time ago (2010)there was a discussion on specifying errors and detection limits at https://www.seegrid.csiro.au/wiki/CGIModel/GeochemicalAnalysesDiscussion:

4. Detection limits and analytical errors - how do we easily associate the analyte detection limit or analytical error defined in a session to the result for each analyte? Currently the result and the analytical error/detection limit have very different xpaths, and associating the two elements could be tricky. But if we use swe:Quantity to deliver both the Observation-Result and the Process-DetectionLimit then we could use a xlink:href pointer from Observation->result->DataRecord->Quantity->Quality->Quantity to the gml:id of the detection limit Quantity element (which is in Process->Acquisition->AnalyticalSession->ResultQualityDescription).

Does anyone recall if this was ever resolved?

Specifically I am after a way of encoding error ranges associated with laboratory results.

Ollie's example (on the same Wiki page) using DQ_QuantitativeResult has:

    <gmd:DQ_QuantitativeResult>    <!-- This class is very similar to swe:Quantity, but with a useful optional "errorStatistic" attribute  -->
         <gmd:valueUnit >
           <gml:UnitDefinition gml:id="ppm_Cu">
              <gml:name>parts per million</gml:name>
               <gco:CharacterString>2 sigma</gco:CharacterString>
                 <gml:measure uom="ppm">0.5</gml:measure>

The problem with this example is that it only allows one gmd:errorStatistic, whereas I want to include a lower and upper value.
I have not found any instance documents which provide examples of how to do this. Has anyone else played in this space?


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