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Fri May 25 05:00:25 EDT 2012

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> Can we update the schematron rules to use the 201202 versions of the
> vocabularies, and put them in the 3.0.0 tag?  Has anybody tested them?

They have never really been taken forward since the Edinburgh face-to-face and are still more illustrative examples of what kinds of constraints could be enforced by Schematron than a comprehensive or authoritative suite.

Referring to https://www.seegrid.csiro.au/wiki/CGIModel/GeoSciML3SchematronRules: 

- the model.constraints need the modelling group to document constraints in the model that aren't enforced by the XML Schema.

- the cgi.profile constraints need the vocab group to document which properties should point to which vocabularies. (I can do the update of the existing rules to follow the patterns of the 201202 vocabs, checking exact values might take longer.)

- full.referential.integrity constraints haven't worked very reliably when I've tried them (reliability of resolving documents over net) and only check that something exists at the end of the URL, not what.

- simple.query.profile constraints are something I have to do for BRGM WFS query client.

They are far from ready for putting in a 3.0.0 tag. (I don't think the contents of the branches/3.0.0/instances directory have been systematically reviewed either?) I have run them against BGS instances at various stages but just to check they run not to review their correctness. They haven't been properly updated for all the changes from RC2 to the final 3.0.0 release version yet.

I'm not aware of anyone else testing them?


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