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Hi all,
The current GeoSciML dependencies (see GeoSciML package dependencies (internal)) mean that the GeologicUnit package does not import the GeologicStructure package, and vice versa.
Therefore the GeologicUnit schema does not import the GeologicStructure schema.

Consequently gsml:GeologicFeatureRelation will only provide GeologicEvent (from the EarthMaterial import!) or GeologicUnit as options for the gsml:relatedFeature. See for example the BGS instance document BGS_MappedFeature_GeologicUnit_manualEdit.xml.

Importing http://schemas.geosciml.org/geologicstructure/3.1/geologicStructure.xsd into the instance allows all the GeologicStructure features to be used in the gsml:GeologicFeatureRelation.

Should the UML reflect this dependency? That is, GeologicUnit imports GeologicStructure, and vice versa. Also applies to the other GeoSciML packages.
If so, it creates a circular dependency. This looks bad (and the schema generation via FullMoon will probably fail) but reflects the real world.

This suggests that if we want to express the ability for any GeoSciML package to use any other package in GeoSciML v4 then we have to either allow circular dependencies, or ensure all circular dependencies are contained in the one application schema (ala GeoSciML v2).

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