[GeoSciML] Schematron rules: gsmlem:lithology for LithostratigraphicUnits

Sen, Marcus A. mase at bgs.ac.uk
Tue Oct 2 08:57:02 EDT 2012

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> I’ve tested
> https://www.seegrid.csiro.au/subversion/GeoSciML/branches/3.0.0/instanc
> es/GSML3_GSV_GeologicUnit_GeologicHistory_January2012.xml and get an
> error message:
> “LithostratigraphicUnit geologic unit
> (gsml.geologicunit.1677754911682918701) must have at least one valid
> gsml:composition property defined.” From the following test:
> test="not($isLithostratigraphicUnit) or $isLithostratigraphicUnit and
> count(gsmlgu:composition) > 0 and count(gsmlgu:composition) =
> count(gsmlgu:composition/gsmlgu:CompositionPart/gsmlgu:material/gsmlem:
> RockMaterial/gsmlem:lithology)">

> 1.     The error message has the incorrect namespace, but the
> schematron test looks like it tests the correct namespace
> (gsmlem:lithology)

> 2.       I think the test is failing because I have two lithologies (a
> GSV and CGI lithology) for each composition (which is valid)

> The test should be re-written so that gsmlem:lithology =>
> gsmlgu:composition.
I see you are using multiple gsmlem:lithology elements to specify terms from alternative dictionaries which is the use case you specified in your email to the list of 19th June, Subject: Re: [GeoSciML] Lithology cardinality [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]. That was the last email in that discussion thread but I'm not sure whether there was an agreed conclusion on the use of multiple gsmlem:lithology elements. 

Do we always allow properties which have dictionary values to be multiple for the purposes of having values from alternative dictionaries? Only for certain properties? Is there a rationale for which properties we treat like this and which we don't? I would like a clear conclusion from the list before modifying this rule. If I change it to allow your instance I assume we would still want to ensure that there was at least one gsmlem:lithology property for lithostratigraphic units?


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