[GeoSciML] Schematron rule not(@srsName) or not(@srsDimension)

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Tue Oct 2 11:39:47 EDT 2012

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> I'm not sure I understand the rule.
> not(@srsName) or not(@srsDimension)
> Means that either one must be blank, while the text says "Spatial
> object gml:Point must have srsName and srsDimension attributes"
> (so, they must both be there ?)
This is in a <report> element rather than an <assert> element so the "error" message will be output if either attribute is not present. This rule was in Bruce Simon's original list but I am inclined to drop it (thus my <!-- Forget this --> comment in file). I'm mainly inclined to drop it because the GML rules mean that srsName is inherited from enclosing elements which this doesn't check and configuring how these attributes are attached to GML is generally an artefact of the WFS software (if using WFS) and not easily controlled by the user. If no-one disagrees, I'll drop this rule.


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