[GeoSciML] WFS querying of properties specified with xlink:href

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> My argument against using hlink:href as a queryable property is that
> xlink:href are XML serialisation artefacts and not part of the model.
> Serialisation model is not Query model.
Yes I appreciate your view that this isn't really the right thing to do. This will also have been Clemens' objection. However, although I remember us discussing what was a the end of a reference (conceptually a ControlledConcept in the GeoSciML model) I don't think we have GML at the end of any dictionary URIs and I'm not sure how well WFS software actually supports this querying so we don't have anything working we can implement to do queries on properties apart from the (slightly dodgy) query on the xlink:href value.

Not sure what to do to get some working queryable GeoSciML services for the moment...


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