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Hi Steve,

I don't know the specs of SLD, but it seems to me that being able to apply a single SLD to many WMS services (with potentially different names) is a valid use case for SLD.  Did the SLD designers not consider that as a use case?


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Hi everyone-

I've been trying to get SLD's assembled as examples for OneGeology services using GeoSciML-portrayal. OneGeology requires WMS layers to be named with a pattern that results in layer names in each service being unique (see http://www.onegeology.org/wmsCookbook/2_5.html), e.g. USA_USGIN_3M_Lithostratigraphy.  From the experimenting I've done, looking at the OGC spec, GeoServer, and ArcGIS server documentation, it looks like the 'sld:NamedLayer' value in an SLD has to match one of the layer names in the WMS you want to apply the SLD to.

The effect is that the SLD will have to be customized for each OneGeology WMS you want to use it against, because the layer names will be unique to each service.  This greatly complicates the work for generating a client that uses SLD to customize map portrayals from OneGeology services.

Am I missing something here, or does oneGeology need to require additional layers in each service that are named something like SLD_lithology and SLD_age, so one SLD file can be applied to multiple services....


WMS request:

In the SLD:
<sld:StyledLayerDescriptor xmlns:gml="....">

In the WMS GetCapabilities:
              <Title><![CDATA[AZGS USGIN Geology]]></Title>
              <BoundingBox ...>
              <Layer queryable="1">

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