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Hi Steve,

I've made a minor proposed change to section 3.1 (with track changes), but otherwise this looks good to me.

What does being on the submission team involve? BGS is an Associate Member of OGC which means I don't think we have voting rights but otherwise I guess we could be submitters.


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Here's guidance from Carl Reed on the process:

The formation of a SWG does not need to be approved by the TC. There are a number of steps that happen. These are all described in a spreadsheet.


And a FAQ-How to document for the OGC SWG process.


The next step will be a two week review of the charter (OGC Members and the public). After the two week review period, I do a formal call for participation.

We need to identify 3 OGC members as the submission team for the SWG charter for GeoSciML, one has to be a TC Voting member.  Please let me know if your organization will be on the submission team-we can have more than 3.

NOTE: Copyright
All submission team members shall agree to the following copyright policy:
The Submitters agree that the OGC may copy, distribute and otherwise make available this submission for the purpose of evaluation, and that in the event that the submission is accepted, that OGC will own the copyright in the resulting standard or amendment and all rights therein, including the rights of distribution.  This agreement shall not in any way deprive the Submitter of any patent or other IPR relating to the technology to which its submission relates.

AZGS will be a submitter, but I don't think we're a TC voting member.
I've got GA (Ollie Raymond) listed as a convener, which I think is same as submitter. Is GA a TC voting member?

We also need to finalize the SWG charter. There's a draft in the CSIRO subversion directory https://www.seegrid.csiro.au/subversion/GeoSciML/branches/4.0.0/Documents (also attached, but please edit the subversion copy), and a subfolder there has some other example charters.  Please have a look, I'd like to get the submission in by 11/2 (next Friday...). Check the supporters and conveners list at the end and add your organization if you are interested.


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