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This is a harder problem. There are several concrete subtypes of

BoundaryRelationshipTerm, DefiningStructureRelationshipTerm,
geologicHistoryRelationshipTerm, relationRoleTerm, materialRelationshipType
are in the list of vocabs to develop, but we don't have drafts. Stefan
Bergman has stepped up to shepherd boundary relationship and defining
structure relationship terms.   

It seems at first glance that definingStructure and geologicHistory
relationship will both be pretty short vocabularies, since the relation is
hard typed, the only term would just be the class name. Boundary relation is
probably important (intrusive, unconformable, angular unconformal.).
MaterialRelationship would related constituent parts in an EarthMaterial
(overgrowth, replace, intergrowth.), and could also use some work. 


Is there any instance data out there or use cases people need to implement ?





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At present we have two vocabularies that are required for OneGeology-Global
that have not been developed: GeologicRelationshipTerm and samplingFrame.
For INSPIRE we developed a simple vocabulary for the latter which could
maybe be implemented as a CGI vocabulary. Should we also aim to develop at
least some high level concepts for  GeologicRelationshipTerm?


At present we are using the GeologicUnitPartRoleTerm vocabulary for
CompositionPartRoleTerm, but I don't think the concepts in that are quite
right for CompositionPartRoleTerm (and they don't agree with the examples
given in the CompositionPart.role definition). Should we aim to develop a
new vocabulary for CompositionPartRoleTerm?





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