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On the first view it doesn't look like the IGME 1:5 mio (Kristine's map).
Unfortunately the links from Ollie are not working. I got only the
information from the abstract
(http://www.klimacampus.de/631+M56bba03a346.html?&L=1)  but I contacted the
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Does it have anything to do with Kristine's 1:5M map? 
(its from Germany)

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Hi Marcus,

I was shown this map only a few days ago.  The associated publication is
here: http://www.agu.org/pubs/crossref/2012/2012GC004370.shtml. They provide
the references to their source datasets in a table in the article

I think that they started their work some time ago - for instance, they have
used the 2008 and earlier editions of the Australian 1:1 million scale data
rather than the more up-to-date 2010 edition, and they reference the 1990
CGMW map of the world, not the 2009 CGMW map.


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Has anyone heard of the global lithological map below and do you know whose
data it is based on?

> Animated global lithological map
> http://vis.klimacampus.de/2270.html?&L=1


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