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Oliver.Raymond at ga.gov.au Oliver.Raymond at ga.gov.au
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Hi Florence and Rini,

1)      Oops, there's a typo in the schema documentation.  (That's what you get from copy & pasting from other schemas.)  It should read: "

            <documentation>URI referring the GeoSciML Borehole feature that describes the instance in detail. Mandatory property - if no value is provided then a URI referring to a controlled concept explaining why the value is nil must be provided.</documentation>

GeologicUnit should not be there.  We shall have to publish a v2.0.1 schema correction.  Thanks for finding the error.

2)      The metadata uri may point to a record from a ISO19115 CSW service, or it may point to some other web resource describing the borehole or set of boreholes.  For example, at GA we would  point to a HTML landing page for a dataset from our metadata database

or the XML for that metadata record from our CSW service: http://www.ga.gov.au/metadata-gateway/metadata/record/gcat_73829/xml



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Subject: Questions regarding BoreholeView's elements in geosciml-portrayal.xsd

Hi Ollie,

How are you doing and I hope all are well.

I am currently working on the SF0 Borehole mapping (based on BoreholeView  of http://schemas.geosciml.org/geosciml-portrayal/2.0/geosciml-portrayal.xsd).  Having some difficulty working out the gsmlp:specification_uri and gsmlp:metadata_uri and Rini point me to you regarding any questions about the schema.   Do hope you would bear with me if I am asking some "silly" questions below.

As refer to the attached sample output (gsmlpBoreholeViewWTB5.xml) for Borehole ID UDD1420, the output is schema valid as I have set the uri for both gsmlp:specification_uri and gsmlp:metadata_uri to unknown uri.  What I am going to work on next is to find out what kind of information should be delivered for :

1)      gsmlp:specification_uri

Based on geosciml-portrayal.xsd, the description for specification_uri element = "URI referring the the GeoSciML GeologicUnit feature that describes the instance in detail. Mandatory property - if not value is provided then a URI referring to a controlled concept explaining why the value is nil must be provided."

It mentioned referring to GeoSciML GeologicUnit feature -> does it means I should be creating the gsml:GeologicUnit feature type for Borehole ?

If yes, what kind of information from a Borehole would be considered as GeologicUnit.  E.g. observation results from the related observation information (refer to saSamplingFeatureCollectionUDD1420.xml) ?

2)     gsmlp:metadata_uri - based on geosciml-portrayal.xsd : URI referring to a metadata record describing the provenance of data.
Same as gsmlp:specification_uri, I am not clear what kind of information should be delivered if the uri is to be resolvable and which model can be used to deliver the metadata ??

Appreciate very much if you could give some pointers or point me to the right person for the above questions.

Thanks & Regards,
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