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Laxton, John L. jll at bgs.ac.uk
Mon Jul 8 12:03:15 EDT 2013

In terms of cost, North America is generally the best outside of Europe for Europeans and west or east coast doesn't make a huge difference.

In terms of co-location - it would be quite nice to meet in conjunction with an OGC TC although I guess the logistics in terms of rooms etc would be more difficult. The only obvious co-location meeting in Europe I can think of is the EGU which is held in April in Vienna each year. From my point of view this would also be a time to avoid if we meet elsewhere as I am likely to need to attend the EGU for another project.


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> > I think Eric also suggested that USA is due for a meeting.
> unless Redlands counts.
> In retrospect, I should have said "american continent" actually - in a
> spirit of not having the same people always doing the expensive trip.
> It was really from looking at where the last meetings were (Rome,
> Edinburgh, Wellington, St-Petersbugh), so Europe, Europe, Oceania,
> Europe.  Since we don't have people from South America, Africa or Asia
> (we used to have Japan) sitting at GeoSciML meetings, north america
> seems the logical spot.  But truth is , if we look at regular
> attendees," american continent(s)" ,  essentially means Canada or US
> (or Mexico - if I remember correctly, they were present at Tucson
> meeting).
> This, said, I realise, unless I'm wrong, St-Petersburgh is the first
> (?) meeting that was not organised by a volunteer attending the
> previous meeting, so my logic does not work anymore.  I can ask what
> our Vancouver office thinks (bit closer to OZ, but quite an agony for
> Europeans)
>  I'm also fine with Canberra - specially since I now know where the
> name comes from.
> Eric
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> [GeoSciML] Next GeoSciML/ERML/Vocabularies face to face meeting
> Hi all,
> I'd like to start the conversation about the time and place for the
> next GeoSciML/ERML/Vocabularies +/- OneGeology face-to-face meeting
> probably in 2014.  (Jouni, Steve, Tim - I assume that you still want to
> co-locate meetings if we can?).
> As a separate process, I will be arranging several teleconference
> meetings to push along the development and documentation of GeoSciML
> v4.  Stay tuned for that email soon.
> Please reply with:
> a)      any offers to host a F2F meeting (location and date)
> b)      your personal preference for location and date
> c)       dates in the next 12 months that you definitely cannot attend
> d)      suggested other events with which we could co-locate (note that
> no OGC TC meetings have yet been scheduled for 2014)
> I'll start the ball rolling by offering Canberra in April or May 2014
> as a potential location for the next F2F.  I think Eric also suggested
> that USA is due for a meeting.
> Cheers,
> Ollie
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> PS.  The previous F2F meetings back to 2004:
> 2013, Jun             St Petersburg, Russia
> 2013, Jan             Redlands, USA (more of an "introduction to OGC"
> meeting than a real F2F meeting)
> 2012, Aug            Wellington, NZ
> 2011, Jul               Edinburgh, UK
> 2010, Aug            Berlin, Germany & Rome, Italy
> 2009, Sep             Quebec, Canada
> 2008, Jul               Uppsala, Sweden
> 2008, Feb             Orleans, France
> 2007, Sep             Melbourne, Australia
> 2007, May           Tucson, USA
> 2006, Sep             Liege/Brussels, Belgium
> 2006, Apr             Orleans, France
> 2005, Aug            Ottawa, Canada
> 2004, Dec             Perth, Australia
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