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> Unless I'm missing something, this should also be flagged as a bug to
> "Flocon de Neige"
Yes, I've told them about the not returning highest version GetCap when no version asked for before. That was back when the software was still beta and they didn't want to expose the 2.0.0 functionality to clients that didn't explicitly want to work with it. I was planning to remind them that it is about time to change that now. I hadn't tested posting GetCapabilities XML requests. I did also think that the error when you put VERSION=2.0.0 wasn't right but had filed it as one of those things where I'd have to read the specs very carefully first as I wasn't quite sure if you could look at it as a WFS version 2.0.0 request where the request should be GetFeature/GetPropertyValue/... I doubt that is allowable but I'm concentrating on the more significant stuff like failing BBOX and property queries and not understanding conditional XPaths first.


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