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Thu Jun 6 07:28:45 EDT 2013

And by QueryRange, I really mean QuantityRange -- trying to do two things at once and failing at it..


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Bonjour Alexandre

We are working on GeoSciML (OGC GeoSciML SWG) and we are using swe in several places.  We stumbled on a problem with QueryRange that we are not quite sure how to address..

QueryRange values are represented as <swe:value>min max</swe:value>

for example:

             <swe:description>The numerical proportion ranges are just indicative as we only record qualitative proportion terms such as "all", "predominant", "subordinate".</swe:description>
        <swe:uom code="%"/>
       <swe:value>95 100</swe:value>

problem is that there are no easy ways to query this in FES:Filter (unless we are missing something obvious)

For instance, we would like to filter out all proportion where the minimal value > 25%.  This implies we must somehow isolate the first value of swe:value.  There are no FES filter operator to our knowledge that could do this (unless we resort to invocation of backend SQL functions).

Would it be possible allow an extra encoding where each values would be in their individual properties (lowerValue and upperValue for instance) ?

We realise that there are other options, such as writing custom functions, but we were told by some vendors that this functionality are unlikely to be implemented (or we are not guaranteed it will be supported by off-the-shelf software)

Merci de votre aide

Eric Boisvert

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