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Love your work Ben.  It seems to cover our spatial querying needs for borehole intervals.

Can you clarify your comment “It will *not* allow selection of subsets of intervals”?  Do you mean that with intervals represented as 1D gml:LineString/posList, we can’t do the query: “Find me all downhole intervals between 0 and 100 metres”, because FES can’t query a pair of numbers such as <gml:posList>68.4 73.6</gml:posList> - ie, the same problem we have with querying swe:QuantityRange?




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I have attached a draft revision of the WFS Change Request that should ease the representation of  borehole intervals. The original request is OGC 13-048; this one might become 13-048r1. I have not tried to explicitly state the possible values of srsName. IMHO, less is more in this case.

So, do you think this is enough to support your srsName pattern? This should allow you to get responses with down-hole intervals, and the optional conformance classes should allow you to filter boreholes on intervals in a 3D BBOX. It will *not* allow selection of subsets of intervals.

All feedback appreciated.

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