[GeoSciML] FW: WFS support for non-CRS srsName and multiple dimension geometries [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

Ben Caradoc-Davies Ben.Caradoc-Davies at csiro.au
Mon Jun 24 21:42:50 EDT 2013

Thanks, Ollie.

I think the querying limitation is the same as before: WFS either 
selects features as matching or not matching a filter, and does not 
support subsetting of properties if each feature contains multiple 

If you had one feature per interval, you would be able to make this 
query, but the 1D CRS of the borehole would have to be present in 
OtherCRS in the WFS capabilities. This would be entirely legal but 
probably impractical. The real problem of the borehole representation is 
that you are stretching WFS from one CRS per feature type to one CRS per 
feature, which breaks the design (focussed on reprojecting collections 
of features).

Kind regards,

On 25/06/13 09:10, Oliver.Raymond at ga.gov.au wrote:
> Love your work Ben.  It seems to cover our spatial querying needs for
> borehole intervals.
> Can you clarify your comment “/It will *not* allow selection of subsets
> of intervals/”?  Do you mean that with intervals represented as 1D
> gml:LineString/posList, we can’t do the query: “Find me all downhole
> intervals between 0 and 100 metres”, because FES can’t query a pair of
> numbers such as <gml:posList>68.4 73.6</gml:posList> - ie, the same
> problem we have with querying swe:QuantityRange?
> Cheers,
> Ollie
> **

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