[GeoSciML] Document to look at on OGC specification construction

Steve Richard steve.richard at azgs.az.gov
Sun Jun 30 16:23:38 EDT 2013

Adrian Custer's rewrite of the OGC specification specification is well worth



It recognizes that the key aspect of "The Specification Model - A Standard
for Modular specifications 08-131r3" is not so much about modularization. To
quote from Adrian's revision request (12-017r2):

"The greatest contribution of the

standard to the OGC standardization process is actually not a framework for

but the rule that 'Formal OGC Requirements' must be injunctions made against

and injunctions which are testable. The process of phrasing a testable
injunction against a

target entity reveals so much about our intent and its possibility that it
helps us write

better standards."


As we're finding with GeoSciML and also emerged in work on ISO19115-1,
modularization is a complicated question that requires a careful analysis of
the use cases for the modules, and some deep thinking about the limitations
of using XML schema validation for conformance testing. 




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