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Hi Jean-Jacques,
I thoroughly enjoyed our time together on the CGI projects. My only regret was that we only had the opportunity to meet up once a year. However, they were always great occasions, with fantastic company, stimulating debate, great food and wonderful (and/or plentiful) wine and beer.

I hope your post-BRGM activities are fulfilling and enjoyable.

All the best,

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Subject: [GeoSciML] Time to leave ...

Dear colleagues,
The game at BRGM is now over for me, I am retiring this week. I would like to thank all of you for these years (about 10 years now after we started GeoSciML in Scotland ...) for the work done and for your company, not only in the meeting rooms but also sharing beer and wine !
I was not so active last year for CGI but pushing our work (gsml, erml) into European projects and legislations take some time ... and I did not attend the meeting in St Petersburg because of the GIC meeting in Orléans. So I say bye by email ...
I attach some pictures you know already that I will keep as pleasant souvenirs of our team, and also the GIC picture where you can see CGI council members (Kristine, François and Robert) + a picture with Ian, from Redlands
I wish all the best to you and for the work you are doing
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