[GeoSciML] Definitely FINAL dates for CGI & OGC working group meetings, Italy 2015 [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

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Wed Apr 8 11:47:01 EDT 2015

Hi Ollie, all

Thank for the effort - I do believe that having a CGI COUNCIL meeting back-to-back with the CGI/OGC WGs meetings will be beneficial. Also the fact that the meeting will be hosted here at JRC I hope could be useful - since there are several potential common topics for discussion between CGI community and INSPIRE coordinating team. (GCI x INSPIRE code lists, RDF encodings, INSPIRE x GeoSciML/EarthResourceML encodings etc.. it could be also future looking common topics (BIG data computing, Citizen science x authoritative data, global data sets – GEOSS, OneGeology, sophisticated visualisation etc..  it is up to us providing that we plan it in advance..


So we may start thinking on common session(s). .. :)

>From the logistical point of view it would be easier to have it in one week, but we will deal with it. :)


To start the lengthy administrative process to get you the permits, transport etc.. I’d need the list of participants to the CGI WGs as well s CGI Council meetings.

For the CGI WGs you need two meeting rooms for 3 days or one is enough? 


Once I have the list of participants, number of rooms needed than I can move it to our fantastic secretaries to take care of everything (believe me there are several steps to be followed..) 



All the best.



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Thanks you for your patience.  It has been a long and torturous process, but this is IT.  The final dates.  We were unable to find exactly adjacent dates that suit all the major players in all working groups and CGI Council.  So the best that we can get for most people is: 

*         CGI/OGC working groups -  Wednesday 28 to Friday 30 October (at JRC)

*         CGI Council - Monday 2 and Tuesday 3 November (the Monday will be in a hotel room outside JRC, Tuesday in JRC).


See you all there.





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Subject: CGI & OGC working group meeting, Italy 2015 [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]


Hello to everyone intending to attend the CGI/OGC working group meeting,


Following a lot of to-ing and fro-ing at CGI Council, it looks like Council is going to meet at JRC, Ispra, Italy sometime in the 4 days between November 3rd and 6th.  In the interests of getting the Council and SWG meetings as close to each other as possible, I need to know your availability for holding the SWG face-to-face meetings on either:


*         Wednesday 28  – Friday 30 October  YES or NO


*         Monday 9 – Wednesday 11 November  YES or NO


Note that options are limited because the JRC building is inaccessible on weekends and Monday 2nd November which is a public holiday in Ispra.


Looking forward to your reply,



Ollie Raymond
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