[GeoSciML] metadata schema (Borehole) [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

Steve Richard steve.richard at azgs.az.gov
Mon Apr 27 11:57:50 EDT 2015

the Namespace URI for cit will be 
http://standards.iso.org/19115/-3/cit/1.0.  We're at final draft on that; the namespace location is not locked yet, but the xsi:schemLocation should be mutable in our release. The current schema location is 
with the intention that on release that will be 

I'd much rather see us using 19115-3 namespaces to minimize dependencies on stuff we don't need. 

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I'd probably defer to Steve about the official 19115 schema location, but my preference is not to refer any of our schemas to anything but a stable, official release location.  I am not keen on using github.  If 19115-3 is not ready and stable yet, then stick with the version of 19115 we used in GeoSciML v3.2


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I ran into a small problem while generating Borehole schema.
This package has a dependency to ISO/CD 19115-3 Metadata, (for cit:CI_Responsibility_PropertyType) and there are no schema location.  I found an xsd in a GitHub repo (it's the xsd Steve is working on) and used that location


is everyone ok with this ?

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