[GeoSciML] An Enterprise Architect problem [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

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Not me-- I'm still using v10...

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Subject: [GeoSciML] An Enterprise Architect problem [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

Hi EA users,

I've just been "upgraded" to EA version 12. In previous versions of EA, I could see if a class attribute had the correct 'type' connection because when I clicked on the attribute type, it popped up a dialog box which showed exactly where in my EA model that attribute type was located (eg, in the example below, previous versions of EA would show me the full navigation tree to the "swe:Quantity" class - like the bottom picture).  In EA v12, that representation of the fully expanded navigation tree appears to have gone.   So now I can't confirm if the link to the attribute type "Quantity" has been set up correctly, or if it has been mistakenly linked to some other class named "Quantity, or if someone has just typed in the word "Quantity" into the 'type' field without making any concrete link to a type class.

Does anyone know if EA v12 can display a full path to an attribute type, like it did in previous versions?


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