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> Ah, thanks Simon.  URL’s it is!   :-)
Hmm, maybe I'm mis-remembering but I'm pretty sure that I said exactly this; that WFS2.0.0 still specified URNs (not up-to-date with current OGC general policy) but this was one of the things that had been changed with the latest revision.

I'm pretty sure that we also concluded that we would use "HTTP-URIs" (to use the PC term for URLs :-) ) for example instances during the telecon (to go along with current OGC practice). However, there is no need, and indeed it isn't the job of the GeoSciML standard to dictate anything about this issue. For example, if a piece of WFS software has been written to conform to WFS v2.0.0 and hasn't yet been updated to support WFS v2.0.2 then it might well automatically encode spatial fields using URNs.

I just did a quick look at the meeting minutes now (which I'm afraid I hadn't looked at until now) and see that they say "Need to move to using URL's for EPSG references for complete consistency."

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