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Sorry I've been absent lately. I had a look at the issues list in Subversion and it looks like all the Decisions make sense.
Fold does require a geologic structure (not the more general GeologicFeature)-there has to be some kind of structure whose original orientation is known or inferred in order to recognize that there is a fold.

I've retired from the Az Geological Survey and am starting a job as Technical Director at an NSF data facility at Lamont. I'm in transition right now, so still getting new e-mail stuff set up. My AZGS e-mail will stop working soon, I'll switch to steve.richard at usgin.org<mailto:steve.richard at usgin.org> or steve.richard at ldeo.columbia.edu<mailto:steve.richard at ldeo.columbia.edu>; my gmail will stay the same smrtucson at gmail.com<mailto:smrtucson at gmail.com>.  I'll be commuting to New York from Tucson about half time.  Still working out my ability to travel and continue OGC work.


Stephen Richard
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Interdisciplinary Earth Data Alliance (IEDA)
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