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Of the list of issues we had a discussion item that we chose to defer because we were running out of time:

p. 35 , first paragraph:

. In robust services the free-text fields will contain well-structured summaries of data in a format suitable for reading by the intended users
This comes from the scope note and I don't understand what "robust services" and "well-structured" are.
Rephrase and turn into recommendation.  [Ollie - "Best practice is that free text fields will, where possible, contain well-structured summaries of data in a format suitable for reading by the intended users.  For instance, an agreed common format like comma-delimited values should be adopted by user communities."]  *DECISION: Defer to later*
There are divergences on the necessary to keep this clause (text might be well structured .  It can be understood as

-          0,,* fields merged into a single string could be individualized back by the client (eg: two ages separated by commas, comma being the separation character)

-          And/or field can contain structured data (eg: like JSON, or - ironically, XML).

-          The second case is like using Lite to deliver complex data (why not use complex model then ?).

-          We need to decide if a) we even need to mention it (so delete discussion), b) make a recommendation for either first and/or second case, c) make a requirement for fields that are indeed collation of several fields.


Also: since we concluded that Portrayal (Lite) is a transformation of Complex Model, I propose to move the "Lite" section after their other package (instead of being the first)

Carlo sent me a correction for GeoMorphologicalUnit instance example which I will integrate to the document shortly.

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