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Boisvert2, Eric (NRCan/RNCan) eric.boisvert2 at canada.ca
Wed Dec 20 11:06:58 EST 2017

At the last GeoSciML SWG meeting, I reported that SVN repo that we used for new Metadata (a.k.a 19115-3) has disappeared (http://lists.opengeospatial.org/pipermail/geosciml/2017-September/004389.html) .  I finally sat down and try to figure out where it went and it's now at:


I started a EAP from scratch following the instructions : https://confluence.csiro.au/display/seegrid/Configuring+Enterprise+Architect+for+the+GeoSciML+%28v4+and+v3.1%29+and+EarthResourceML+%28v2%29+model

And substituted implementation-XML old https://inspire-twg.jrc.ec.europa.eu/svn/iso/isotc211/Drafts/trunk/implementation-XML for https://inspire-twg.jrc.ec.europa.eu/svn/iso/isotc211/implementation-XML
And it seems to work. Almost.

EA found two instances of LI_ProcessStep (one from old 19115 and another one  from new)

[cid:image001.png at 01D37982.A732A5A0]

This is a dependency resolution problem. So I'll have to get in there and remove the old association (it does ring a bell though.. haven't we had the same problem before ?)

Now - for the version purists out there.. it this a new branch ?
we don't change anything in the GeoSciML, but there are- likely -  changes in the dependencies, none that directly affect gsml 4.1 - I think, but possibly by an effect of cascade.

Also.. ShapeChange is still configured to use http://standards.iso.org/iso/19115/-3/cit/1.0/cit.xsd . Not sure it still good, the package tag now points to  "ISO19115-3/cit/1.0/cit.xsd" - no domain (subtle change in red) but it 404s (without the domain, I just assumed it was http://standards.iso.org/iso/19115-3/cit/1.0/cit.xsd - apparently not).

Note that we just use CI_Citation, CI_Responsability and LI_ProcessStep, but the last one is ByRef only because it loads (loaded ?) iso version of GML and this created fun validation problem (with XML Spy anyway).  I think we have a DQ_Element in there (http://docs.opengeospatial.org/is/16-008/16-008.html#figure_83) but it's a O&M dependency (fun fact, it's from old 19115)

So many questions...

Eric Boisvert, MSc

Professionnel de Recherche - Reseach Officer
Commission géologique du Canada - Geological Survey of Canada
Secteur des terres et des minéraux  - Lands and Minerals Sector
Ressources naturelles Canada - Natural Resources Canada

490 de la Couronne
Québec, Qc, Canada
G1K 9A9

T: 1-418-654-3705 F: 1-418-654-2615
E: eric.boisvert2 at canada.ca

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