[GeoSciML] Web Best Practice Interop Experiment

Carlo Cipolloni carlo.cipolloni at isprambiente.it
Thu Oct 5 02:25:26 EDT 2017

Bonjour Eric,
Of course I¹m interesting to take part in the experiment, now ISPRA move
more in the use of LOD as share information system, as you know ISPRA is not
member of OGC and I take part in the OGC GeoSciML SWG as CGI observer, so
could you think a collaboration in the same way is feasible?

Carlo Cipolloni
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At the last GeoSciML SWG, I proposed the idea of conducting an OGC
interoperability experiment for GeoSciML.  Some participants showed interest
at the meeting (NZ, Canada, France) and we¹d like to expand the discussion
of the feasibility and interest into a formal OGC IE.
There are several drivers for an IE:
-         W3C/OGC Spatial Data on the Web Best Practices
(https://www.w3.org/TR/sdw-bp/)  and  Data on the Web Best Practices
(https://www.w3.org/TR/dwbp/) which recommend a series of best practices to
publish data on the web.  Those best practices have a strong bias toward
JSON and RDF.  GeoSciML use cases are build on top of WFS/GML technologies,
which are considered best practices, but have gaps regarding
discoverability.   BTW. If you haven¹t looked at this document
(https://www.w3.org/TR/sdw-bp/)  I strongly recommend you read it ­ it¹s
packed with a lot of good stuff.

-          There is a shift from XML to JSON (GeoJSON and JSON-LD) in the
web developer community and again, the current GeoSciML does not provide an
official GeoJSON encoding.

o  JSON-LD relies (?) on the existence of a RDF ³schemas² to map JSON

o  Producing new encoding for GeoSciML requires some testing, which we
performed through interop experiments in the past.

-         OneGeology management board has express their interest into
modernising/improving OneGeology portal. The technical team held a workshop
and drafted a report recommending implementing some of the W3C/OGC Best
practices (see http://www.onegeology.org/meetings/technical_meetings.html -
look for Austria meeting)

-         Governments agencies embarked in Linked Data through various
internal (GSC Groundwater Information Network for example) or collaborative
projects (ELFIE Interop experiment for example :
http://www.opengeospatial.org/projects/initiatives/elfie) .

Of course, interop experiments demand time and effort and we won¹t get into
this if there is no interest and/or resource.
So: Show of hands. are there any interest into a IE on W3C/OGC best
practices ?  Obviously, scope and details of the IE are up for discussion.
Eric Boisvert
Expert  TI-GI / IT-IM Expert
eric.boisvert2 at canada.ca <mailto:eric.boisvert2 at canada.ca> ,
orcid: http://orcid.org/0000-0001-6256-2912
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490, rue de la Couronne, Québec (Québec),
G1K 9A9, Canada
Laboratoire de cartographie numérique et de photogrammétrie (LCNP)
Digital Cartography and Photogrammetry Laboratory (DCPL)
Commission géologique du Canada  (Québec) / Geological Survey of Canada
Lands and Minerasl Sector / Secteur des terres et des minéraux
Ressources naturelles Canada / Natural Resources Canada Gouvernement du
Canada  / Government of Canada

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