[GeoSciML] INSPIRE borehole mappingFrame values

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INSPIRE GeoSciML3.2 Cookbook has:
2.1.2 Mapped Feature - sampling frame The INSPIRE mappingFrame property is equivalent to the GeoSciML samplingFrame. Each MappedFeature has a samplingFrame association to SF_SpatialSamplingFeature that indicates the spatial reference frame within which the MappedFeatures have been observed, such as a surface of mapping. Values should be drawn from the MappingFrameValue vocabulary

Their example is:

GeoSciML Cookbook 1 has examples e.g.:
<samplingFrame xlink:href="urn:cgi:feature:BGS:EarthBedrockSurface"/>
<samplingFrame xlink:href="urn:cgi:feature:CGI:EarthNaturalSurface"/>

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I'm posting about the INSPIRE borehole model here because, although not strictly within the scope of GeoSciML, it was based on earlier versions of GeoSciML.

There has been a question in the INSPIRE thematic clusters discussion portal (https://inspire.ec.europa.eu/forum/discussion/view/257223/borehole-intervals-mappingframe) about what to put in the mappingFrame property of a MappedInterval belonging to a borehole. We no longer have this property since v4.0 so I put the answer I remember using in older versions but I can't find any examples. Does anyone who did more on boreholes than us have any examples either of older version GeoSciML boreholes with samplingFrame pointing to the borehole or even INSPIRE boreholes using the mappingFrame in this way?

Marcus Sen

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