[GeoSciML] GeoScienceDWG session during the Dec 20 Virtual OGC TC Meeting: Presentation link + discussion wrap-up

Beaufils Mickael M.Beaufils at brgm.fr
Wed Dec 9 03:39:48 EST 2020

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Dear all,

It was a real pleasure to have you yesterday for the GeoScienceDWG session.

One of the best audience we had in the DWG, nice presentations and fruitful discussions.


-        I am collecting them from the presenters (this means "Dear presenters, please send them to me :)")

-        They will be published soon on: https://external.ogc.org/twiki_public/GeoScienceDWG/WebHome and also on the https://portal.ogc.org/

Discussion wrap-up:

-        Evocating the impact of going (Geo)JSON(-LD) for GeoSciML and associated data models

o   GeoSciML has dependencies on other standards, such as SWE,

o   But there are JSON Encoding Rules for SWE Common,

o   Deeper investigation have to be made,

o   GeoSciML-Lite is identified as the first candidate for such experimentations,

o   A 1 or 2 days workshop is proposed to address the topic and should be scheduled around March or April 2021,

o   BRGM to propose a doodle + draft agenda.

Once again, thank you to the presenters and attendees for yesterday.

Have a nice day!

Mickael Beaufils - BRGM
GeoScience DWG chair

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Objet : RE: GeoScienceDWG session during the Dec 20 Virtual OGC TC Meeting: GoToMeeting link + Agenda

Live in 1h :)

See you soon !


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Objet : GeoScienceDWG session during the Dec 20 Virtual OGC TC Meeting: GoToMeeting link + Agenda

[Sorry for cross-postings]

Dear all,

This is a reminder for our next week GeoScienceDWG meeting, see https://portal.ogc.org/meet/ for more details.

-        Dec 8 from 4:00PM to 5:30PM EST which is 10:00PM to 11:30PM for most part of Europe for example,

Here are the information to attend:

GotoMeeting Joining Details

1. Please join my meeting, Tue Dec 8th 4:00 PM EST.


2. Use your microphone and speakers (VoIP) - a headset is recommended. Or, call in using your telephone.

GB: +44 330 221 0088
US: +1 (571) 317-3129
Access Code: 336-792-117  Audio PIN will be displayed upon joining the web session.
Lot of topics to address for the time we have, so we are going to have a very frustrating session but I hope not so much!

Confirmed topics to be covered so far :

-        Welcome / Agenda presentation : 5'

-        M.Beaufils & al. : Extension of OGC standards for geotechnics : 10+2'

-        L.Aillieres & al. : Loop Project introduction : 10+2'

-        B.Brodaric & al. : Geoscience ontologies (especially in Loop) : 10+2'

-        S.Grellet & A.Feliachi & al. : News from EPOS and GeoERA : 10+2'

-        E.Lewis & JA.Stevenson : Exposing geoscience data with SensorThings API : 10+2'

-        Discussion : Going JSON(-LD) and other topics : rest of the time until we get tired (Europe will probably loose :)) ~ 30'.

At the attention to the speakers:

-        Presentations will be limited to 10min +2min for questions,

-        The order is a proposal, if you have any preference please let me know,

-        I send you the OGC template in a separate e-mail (would be nice if you can at least have your Cover slide using it).

Hope to hear from you next week!


Mickael Beaufils (BRGM)
GeoScienceDWG chair
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