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Hi Eric,

I can't be there.  But I will telecon if the timing is not too horrendous.

But here's one for the agenda.... Timescale-Lite?

Here at GA, we are really getting into geological web services in a big way, and linking them lots - eg, samples, fieldsites, boreholes, stratigraphic units, geochemistry analyses, etc.  Currently, the majority of these are simple WMS/simple WFS services.  But our stratigraphic units web service will be our first big foray into complex GSML - delivering our entire stratigraphic lexicon database.  One of the things we want to do is filter our stratigraphic units and other services by age, which requires linking to a hierarchical timescale service which contains numerical ages. The current ICS timescale vocabulary doesn't contain filterable numerical ages, and only goes down to stage level (ie, no lower level conodont/graptolite/trilobite/brachiopod biozones) so it is not suitable for our particular needs.  So we are looking at publishing a simple flattened view of our GA timescale database to support age-based queries in our web services that won't need to involve a) publication of a complex timescale ontology as a web service, and b) resolution of complex parent/child and numeric hierarchies.  Maybe something like a table with these columns and example values that would show the entire flattened hierarchy of a given time zone:

ZoneName  (= Tasmanorthis costata)
ZoneName_uri  (= pid.geoscience.gov.au/geologicaltimescale/ga/zone/Tasmanorthis_costata)
Rank (= biozone)
Eon (= Phanerozoic)
Era (= Paleozoic)
Period (= Ordovician)
SubPeriod (= null)
Epoch (= Upper Ordovician)
Stage (= Sandbian)
SubStage (= null)
Biozone (= Tasmanorthis costata)
SubBiozone (= null)
YoungerNumericAge (= 455.40)
OlderNumericAge (= 457.44)
Source  (= Laurie, J.R., 1991. Articulate brachiopods from the Ordovician and Lower Silurian of Tasmania. Memoirs of the Association of Australasian Palaeontologists 11, 1-106. Numeric ages interpolated from ICS 2016 timescale.)

Worth looking at?


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Hi all

We just got early notification that OGC will open session reservation for Leuven, Belgium (end of June 2019).
Is there a need (and expected attendance) for a GeoSciML session, any agenda items ?
I filed a request to travel to Belgium because I need to get there for other businesses too.

Note : there will be a OneGeology TIG meeting on Friday June 28th at the Royal Museum for Central Africa, Tervuren, Belgium

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