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List Description
3D-Container-Pilot Private: 3D Container Pilot list (auto-sync)
3D-IoT-Pilot Private: 3D-IoT-Pilot list
3dGMS Public: Discussion for 3d Geospatial Modeling and Simulation
3DIM-Registries Member: 3DIM Registry sub-WG list
3DIM.wg Member: Three Dimensional Information Management Working Group
3dpie Private:
3dpie-internal Private:
AAtS Private: AAtS Harmonization List
AECOO-1-model Inactive: AECOO-1 Testbed Test Model Thread Mailing Lis
AECOO-Announce Inactive: AECOO domain Annoucements
AECOO-CD Private: AECOO Concept Development Phase Contributors
AECOO-CD-Participants Private: AECOO Concept Development Phase Participants
AECOO-Sponsors Private: AECOO Testbed - Concept Development
AGISEE.Forum Public: AGISEE is the Association for Geospatial Information in South-East Europe
Agriculture.DWG Public: Agriculture Domain Working Group Ad-Hoc
AIP_Access Public: Access Services Working Group of the GEOSS Architecture Implementation Pilot.
AIP_Agriculture Public: List for the discussions of the Agriculture Working Group of the GEOSS Architecture Implementation Pilot.
AIP_ArchWG Public: Public List for the AI Pilot (GEOSS, FedEO, Tri-Lateral) Architecture WG
AIP_BiodiversityCC Inactive: Biodiversity and Climate Change Working Group of the GEOSS Architecture Implementation Pilot.
AIP_Capacity_Bldg Public: List for the discussions about Capacity Building in of the GEOSS Architecture Implementation Pilot.
AIP_ClearinghouseWG Inactive: GEOSS AI Pilot Clearinghouse WG
AIP_CrowdSourcing Public: AIP Crowd Sourcing
AIP_Data_Harmonization Inactive: GEOSS Architecture Implementation Pilot (AIP) list for discussions about harmonization of earth observation information viewpoint architecture topics (non-members allowed)
AIP_Data_Sharing Public: GEOSS Architecture Implementation Pilot (AIP) list for discussion about implementation of the GEOSS Data Sharing Guidelines (non-members allowed)
AIP_Disasters Public: Disasters Working Group of the GEOSS Architecture Implementation Pilot.
AIP_Energy Public: Energy Working Group of the GEOSS Architecture Implementation Pilot.
AIP_GCI_Research Public: List for the discussions of the GCI Research Working Group of the GEOSS Architecture Implementation Pilot.
AIP_Health Public: Health Working Group of the GEOSS Architecture Implementation Pilot.
AIP_Land Public: AIP Land/Soil community
AIP_Plenary Public: GEOSS AI Pilot Plenary (non-members allowed)
AIP_PortalWG Inactive: GEOSS AI Pilot Portal WG
AIP_Semantics Inactive: GEOSS Architecture Implementation Pilot (AIP) list for discussions about vocabularies, registries and semantics (non-members allowed)
AIP_System_Design Public: GEOSS Architecture Implementation Pilot (AIP) list for System Design discussions with focus on use cases and services
AIP_TestFacility Inactive: Test Facility Working Group of the GEOSS Architecture Implementation Pilot.
AIP_Water Inactive: Public - GEOSS Architecture Implementation Pilot (AIP) list for discussions about water scenario topics (non-members allowed)
AIP_WGLeaders Public: Working Group Leaders Working Group of the GEOSS Architecture Implementation Pilot.
AIP_Workflow Inactive: Workflow and Alerts Working Group of the GEOSS Architecture Implementation Pilot. Public: for discussions on Australia and New Zealand
API-Analytics-Sprint Member: API - Coverages and Processing Analytics Sprint (Auto-Sync)
Architecture.dwg Public: The Architecture DWG considers architectural issues surrounding OpenGIS activities, including mechanisms for describing and invoking services in a heterogeneous distributed network.
ARML-2.0.SWG Member: ARML 2.0 Standards Working Group (Observer Agreement Required)
Asia.Forum Member: OGC Asia Forum discussion list
Au.sig Member: Informational list for OGCA (OGC Australasia), open to interested non-members with approval
Auth.IE Member: Authentication Interoperability Experiment (Observer Agreement Required)
Aviation.DWG Public: Aviation Domain Working Group
Beta-Schemas Public: This moderated list is for submission and discussion of issues related to the OGC Beta-Schemas
BIDS.dwg Public: Business Intelligence and Decision Support DWG
BigData.DWG Public: Ad hoc Big Data Domain Working Group
Borehole.IE Member: Borehole Interoperability Experiment list
Building-Energy-CDS Private: Building energy mapping & analytics CDS (auto-sync)
Business.Value Public: Discussion of OGC Business Value
Canada.Forum Public: This is the open discussion list for the Canada Forum
Cat-3.0.SWG Member: Catalogue Services 3.0 Standards Working Group (Observer Agreement Required)
Cat-AP-ISO-2.0.SWG Member: Catalogue Services - ISO Metadata Application Profile 2.0 Standards Working Group (Observer Agreement Required)
CAT-ISO.rwg Inactive: OGC Catalog ISO 19115/19119 Revision Working Group
CAT.ebRim.rwg Member: Catalog ebRim AP Revision Working Group
Cat.RWG Inactive: Catalog Revision Working Group
CCIP-2009 Inactive: Climate Change - Integration Plugfest - 2009
CDB-Vector-gpkg.IE Private: CDB Vector Data in GeoPackage Interoperability Experiment (auto-sync)
CDB.SWG Private:
CGDI.pilot Member: Geoconnections CGDI Pilot discussions (Observer Agreement Required)
China.Forum Public: This is the open discussion list for the China Forum
CHISP-1 Private: This is for CHISP Pilot discussions
CIMxebRIM1.0.swg Member: CIM (Cataloguing of ISO Metadata) Extension Package of ebRIM profile of CS-W 1.0 SWG
CITE-dev Public: CITE developers discussion list (open to interested non-members with approval)
CITE-Forum Public: Discussion of Conformance and Interoperability Testing and Evaluation
CITE.SC Member: Compliance Interoperability and Testing Evaluation Sub Committee
CityGML-1.0.SWG Member: City GML 1.0 Standards Working Group (Observer Agreement Required)
CityGML.swg Member: City GML Standards Working Group (Observer Agreement Required)
CityGMLQ.IE Inactive: Private - City GML data Quality IE discussion list
CityGMLQIE Inactive: Private - Member: Common Approach to Coordinates ad-hoc
Common-Security.SWG Private:
Communication-Announce Member: Information regarding communications, education and events supported by the OGC that are relevant to the OGC membership and international geospatial standards development.
Context.rwg Member: Web Map Context Revision Working Group
coordtran.wg Public: The Coordinate Reference System (CRS) Domain Working Group (DWG) develops strategies for encoding of earth coordinate reference systems and transformations between coordinate reference systems. Also addresses units of measure.
Coverages.swg Member: Coverages Standards Working Group (Observer Agreement Required)
Coverages.wg Public: MemberCoverages WG's mission is to promote and oversee development of OGC Implementation Specifications for exploitation of, and accessing, coverage data, including images and other grid coverages.
CrisisGrid Inactive:
CRS.SWG Member: Coordinate Reference System SWG
ct.rwg Member: Coordinate Transformation Revision Working Group
Data.Preservation Member: The Data Preservation Working Group
Deutsch.Sprachig Member: Ad hoc list for German speaking OGC Members
DI.WG Member: Defense and Intelligence Working Group
directory Inactive: Open Location Services 1.1 discussions
DisastersRPilot Inactive: Disasters Resilience Pilot (auto-sync) (Private)
dm.sig Member: Disaster Management Special Interest Group
docteam Member: OGC Doc Team
DP21-all Private: OGC Disasters Pilot 2021
DP21-Team Private: Disaster Pilot 2021 Team (limited)
DQ.wg Member: Data Quality Working Group
DTRIP-IPTeam Inactive: Delhi Transit Routing Interoperability Pilot IPTeam
DTRIP-Pilot Inactive: Delhi Transit Routing Interoperability Pilot
EA.Architecture Inactive: Architecture Sub Group of the Enterprise Architecture SIG
EA.Collaboration Inactive: Collaboration Sub Group of the Enterprise Architecture SIG
EA.Discovery Inactive: Discovery Sub Group of the Enterprise Architecture SIG
EA.ESM Inactive: Enterprise Service Management Sub Group of the Enterprise Architecture SIG
EA.Mediation Inactive: Mediation Sub Group of the Enterprise Architecture SIG
EA.Security Inactive: Security Sub Group of the Enterprise Architecture SIG
EA.SIG Inactive: Enterprise Architecture SIG
ebRIMap-CSW.SWG Member: ebRIM AP for CSW SWG: Observer Agreement required
ebXMLRegRepSWG Inactive: ebXML Registry Repository SWG Standards Working Group (Observer Agreement Required)
EDM.DWG Public: EDM (Emergency & Disaster Management and Law Enforcement And Public Safety) Domain Working Group
ELFIE Private: Environmental Linked Features IE Email List
Emccolumbia Inactive:
Ems1 Inactive:
EMspectrum.DWG Public: PUBLIC: Discussion List for EM Spectrum Domain Working Group
Encoding Inactive: Open Location Services 1.1 encoding group discussion
Energy-utilities.dwg Public: For Energy and Utiliites Domain discussions
EO-PMOS.swg Member: list for EO Product Metadata and OpenSearch SWG - Requires Observer Agreement
eo.sig Inactive: Earth Observation moved to NRE.WG
EOApps-Pilot Private: Main list of the Earth Observation Applications Pilot
EOxebRIM1.0.swg Member: Earth Observation Extension Package of ebRIM profile 1.0 SWG (Observer Agreement Required)
Espresso-ga Public:
Espresso-tb Public:
Espresso-wp Public:
ESS.dwg Public: Earth Systems Science DWG (Non-Member Access Requires Moderator Approval)
ETS-Speakers Inactive: Private: Discussion for the Emerging Technology Summitt Speakers
ETS3info Inactive: Public may ask questions about the Emerging Technology Summitt III.
Europe.Forum Member: Discussions focused around Europe
europe.sig Inactive: Member list for discussions focused around Europe
FAA-SDS-Workshop Member: SWIM Discovery Service Workshop
FCP Private: Future City Pilot
Feature.WG Member: Feature working group to develop consensus on geospatial feature geometry, identity, and relationships
FedEOpilot Inactive: Public List for the AI Pilot (GEOSS, FedEO, Tri-Lateral) Federated Earth Observation Missions Pilot WG
France.Forum Member: Discussions focused around France.
GAC Private: OGC Global Advisory Council
GALEON.IE Member: GALEON Interoperability Experiment discussions
gateway Inactive: Open Location Services 1.1 discussions
Geo4niem Private:
Geo4niem.sponsors Private:
GeoAPI.swg Member: GeoAPI Standards Working Group
GeoAPI.wg Member: GeoAPI Working Group which aims to provide neutral, interface-only APIís based upon existing and proposed OGC Standards.
GeoCOPMgt Inactive:
GeoCOPTeam Inactive:
GeoDRM.rwg Inactive: Member list for Geospatial Digital Rights Management Revision Working Group
GeoEdge-Plugfest Private: Geospatial to the Edge Interoperability Plugfest
Geoint-2013-demo Private: for GeoINT 2013 Demo coordination
GEOINT-Coordination Private: GEOINT symposium coordination list
Geolinking.IE Member: Geolinking Interoperability Experiment (Observer Agreement Required)
Geometry.wg Member: Geometry Working Group
Geopackage Public: Public Discussion list for all Geopackage related items
GeoPackage.EE.IE Inactive: Private: GeoPackage Elevation Extension Interoperability Experiment
GeoRM Member: Geospatial Rights Management Working Group
GeoRM-1.0.SWG Member: GeoRM 1.0 Standards Working Group (Observer Agreement Required)
Geoscience.DWG Public: Geoscience DWG mailing list
GeoSciML Public: A mailing list for GeoSciML
GeoSemWeb Public: Geospatial Semantic Web by the Information Communities and Semantics (ICS) Doman Working Group
GeoServices-Rest.SWG Member: Geoservices Rest Specification Working Group - Observer Agreement Required
GEOSS_demo Inactive: Coordination list to prepare OGC demonstration for GEOSS workshop at IEEE Symposium, July 24, 2005.
Geosync-1.0.swg Member: Geosync-1.0 Special Interest Group
Geosync-Public Public: Discussion of Geosynchonization
GeoXACML.RWG Inactive: Member: GeoXACML (Geospatial eXtensible Access Control Markup Language) Revision Working Group
Geoxacml.swg Member: Geoxacml Special Interest Group
GGIM-PSN Public: Discussion List for UNGGIM Private Sector Network
Gisd Inactive:
GLS1.0.swg Member: Geographic Linkage Service 1.0 SWG
GML-3.3.swg Member: GML 3.3 Standards Working Group (Observer Agreement Required)
Gml.sig Member: Geography Mark-up Language Working Group
GML.Umbrella.SWG Member: GML umbrella SWG group covering GML and CityGML (Observer Agreement Required)
Gml30.rwg Inactive: Member list for GML 3.0 Revision Working Group
GMLJP2.IE Inactive: Member list for GML and JPEG 2000 Interoperability Experiment discussions.
GMLSF.rwg Member: Geography Mark-up Language Simple Features Profile Revision Working Group
GO-1 Inactive:
GO-1.rwg Member: GO-1 application objects specification revision working group
GO1-rfc Inactive: Public List - Request for Comments on GO-1 Application Objects RFC
GOS-PI Inactive:
GOS-PI.Sponsor Inactive:
GOS-T-Dev Inactive: GOS-T/NSDI Development
gos-tp Inactive: Private: Geospatial One-Stop - Transportation Pilot discussions
Gov.sig Member: Open to All Government organizations by approval
GovFuture Member: GovFuture project members (auto-subscription)
Groundwater.swg Member: Groundwater.swg Inactive: Member list for Geospatial Semantic Web Interoperability Experiment discussion (Archived)
GWS Member: Development of the GEOSS Web Services as part of the OGC Network
Health.DWG Public: Discussions for OGC Health DWG
Hydro-RGS Public: WaterML2 part 2, ratings, gaugings and cross sections (RGS)
Hydro.dwg Public: Hydrology DWG
Hydro.Fcst.IE Member: Hydrologic Forecasting IE
IDBE Member: IDBE joint committee listserv
ideas4OGC Public: PublicDiscussion for ideas about improving OGC processes and focus
Ideasleadership Private: discussion list for the Ideas4OGC leadership
Ie.context Inactive: Member list for OWS Context Document Schema Interoperability Experiment List
Ie.landgml Inactive: Private: LandGML Interoperability Experiment
IE.SAS Inactive: OBSERVER AGREEMENT REQUIRED - Sensor Alert Service Interoperability Experiment
IE.WPS Inactive: Member list for Web Processing Service Interoperability Experiment discussion
Ies.sig Member: Image Exploitation Working Group
IGS.rwg Member: IGS (Image Geopositioning Service) Revision Working Group
ILA.Forum Public: Iberian and Latin-American Forum (ILAF) Member: Discussions focused around India Private: Subcommittee discussions focused around India
IndoorGML.SWG Member: IndoorGML SWG
Iot-pilot-ext Inactive: Member: IoT Pilot Extension
IPPool Private: OGC Interoperability Program Pool (IP Pool)
ISG-Sprint Private: Interoperable Simulation and Gaming (ISG) Sprint (auto-sync)
ISG-Year-2 Private: Interoperable Simulation and Gaming Year 2
ISG.DWG Public: Interoperable Simulation and Gaming DWG
ISO-19125 Private: Simple Feature ISO 19125 document
Italy.Forum Member: Lista di discussione del Foro Italiano dell'OGC
JAG Private: Joint Advisory Group (OGC-TC/211), open to OGC and ISO Members
Jobsite Inactive:
JSONsubgroup Public:
KLC Inactive: Kentucky Landscape Census
KML-2.2.swg Inactive: Member List for KML 2.2 Standards Working Group (Observer Agreement Required)
KML.SWG Member: KML SWG (Observer Agreement Required)
Korea Public: OGC Korea Forum (Moderator Approval Required)
Korea.SC Member: OGC Korea Forum Sub Committee
KWMIP-Portal Inactive: Private: Kentucky Watershed Modeling Information Portal
Landadmin.dwg Public: Discussion for Land Administration
LandDev.SWG Member: Land Development Standards Working Group (Observer Agreement Required)
Lbms.sig Member: Location Based Mobile Services Working Group (OpenLS)
Lii1 Inactive:
Location Inactive: Open Location Services 1.1 group discussions
Marine.DWG Public: PUBLIC Discussion List for Marine Domain Working Group
Mass-Market-GEO Inactive: Developing Geospatial Mass Market
Media Inactive: Press releases as sent to news organizations.
MetaCat.DWG Public: Metadata and Catalog Domain Working Group
Meteo.DWG Public: Meteorology and Oceanography DWG (List is open, the project is not)
MLBP Private: Maritime Limits and Boundaries (MLP) Pilot
MLS.DWG Public: Mobile Location Services DWG
MobileCD Member: Mobile Internet Concept Development
MUDDI.SWG Member: MUDDI SWG Preliminary Participants
NA.Forum Public: Discussion list for North American Forum
Navigation Inactive:
NetCDF-U Public: NetCDF Uncertainty Conventions Email Discussion List
NetCDF.swg Public: NetCDF Standards Working Group
Newsflash Inactive: OGC news flashes
Newsletter-html Inactive: OGC news released monthly in HTML.
NGA-PlugFest-2009 Member: NGA Implementation Profile Testing & Compliance PlugFest 2009
NGA.Plugweek Private: for NGA Plugweek Participants
NIST-Indoor-Pilot Member: NIST Indoor Mapping and Naviation Pilot
NISTSWE Inactive: Private : promote coordination of SWE / IEEE 1451 activities
Nordic.Forum Member: Discussions focused around the Nordic Region
NRE.WG Inactive: Member list for Earth Observation/Natural Resources and Environment Working Group
OAPI-Styles.SWG Member: OGC API - Styles SWG
OceanS.IE Member: Ocean Science Interoperability Experiment (Observer Agreement Required)
Odms Inactive:
OGC-NA Member: OGC Naming Authority List
OGC-Schema-Updates Public: Announcment list to notify of OGC schema changes (low-volume)
OGC-Translators Public: Translators of OGC documents and specifications.
OGC.Meeting Member: Announcements Only. Members attending the Current(Next) TC meeting (auto-generated each meeting).
OGCAPI-Common.swg Member: OGC API - Common SWG (Auto-sync) formerly OWS Common 1.2 SWG
OGCAPI-Maps.swg Member: OGC API - Maps SWG (Auto-sync). Formerly WMS-1.4.swg
OGCAPI-Processes.SWG Member: OGC API Processes SWG
OGCAPI-Tiles.SWG Member: OGC API - Tiles SWG (Auto-sync)
OGCAPI.SWG.Umbrella Member: OGC API SWG Coordination Mailing List.
OGCKM Member: Mailing list for discussing all things Knowledge management, within the OGC.
OGCUser Inactive: HTML Quarterly publication focusing on successful implementations of OpenGIS Specifications.
Oil_COP_core Member: OGP / IPIECA Oil Spill Response Common Operating Picture (COP) discussion list
OLS-1.3.swg Inactive: OLS 1.3 Standards Working Group (Observer Agreement Required)
OLS.RFC Inactive: No longer active.
OLS.rwg Member: Open Location Services Revision Working Group
Ols1 Inactive: No longer active.
OM.rwg Inactive: Member list for Observations and Measurements Revision Working Group
OpenPOIdb-announce Public: Announcement list for openPOI (low-volume)
OpenPOIs-users Public: Discussion list for openPOI users
Order-EO-1.0.SWG Member: Ordering Services for Earth Observation Products 1.0 SWG (Observer Agreement Required)
OS-Test-List Private: Test List
OWS-10-Aviation Inactive: Private: OWS-10 Only - Aviation
OWS-10-CCI Inactive: Private: OWS-10 Only - CCI
OWS-10-Cloud Inactive: Private: OWS-10 Only - Cloud
OWS-10-Gazetteer Inactive: Private: OWS-10 Only - Gazetteer
OWS-10-Hydro Inactive: Private: OWS-10 Only - Hydro
OWS-10-IPTeam Inactive: Private: OWS-10 IPTeam List
OWS-10-OpenMobility Inactive: Private: OWS-10 Only - OpenMobility
OWS-10-Sponsors Inactive: Private: OWS-10 Sponsors List
Ows-9-rap Inactive: Private: ows-9-rap
OWS-Common.rwg Member: OGC Web Services Common Revision Working Group
OWScontext.SWG Private: Member only - Observer Agreement Required
PC Private: The Principal Committee plan and manage OGC technology development process (Auto-Sync).
PerspectiveImagery.DWG Public: Perspective Imagery DWG
Planetary Public: Planetary ad hoc
Pliplanning Inactive:
POI.swg Member: Points of Interest (POI) SWG discussion list. Observer Agreement required.
PointCloud.DWG Public: This Point Cloud DWG list is for discussion within the group membership.
Policy-1.0.SWG Member: Policy 1.0 Standards Working Group (Observer Agreement Required)
PR.preview Private: OGC PC list for Previewing OGC Press Releases
PubSub.SWG Private: Member only - Observer Agreement Required
QoSE.DWG Public: Quality of Service and Experience discussion list
query.wg Inactive:
RCM.wg Member: Risk and Crisis Management Working Group
Requests Public: Request for Public Comment on open RFCs
REST.SC Member: REST Sub Committee of the Specification Program to define a set of best practices and potentially rules for use in creating REST serializations/instances of existing or furture OGC web services standards
RESTful-Policy.SWG Member: RESTful Services Policy SWG (Observer Agreement Required)
Revisions Inactive:
Roads.mat Inactive:
RoutingPilot Inactive: (Private) Routing Pilot (auto-sync)
SCIRA-Hackathon-WG Private: List for SCIRA Hackathon Initiative
SDI-Mod-CDS Member: Modernizing SDI Data Interoperability for Cumulative Effects CDS (auto-sync)
Security.wg Member: Security Working Group
SELF.IE Private: Second Environmental Linked Features Interoperability Experiment (SELFIE) (auto-sync)
SensorML Public: Support Forum for SensorML.
SensorML-2.0.SWG Member: Sensor Markup Language 2.0 Standards Working Group (Observer Agreement Required)
SF.rwg Member: Simple Features Revision Working Group
Sf.swg Member: Simple Features Specification Working Group
Sfcom.rwg Member: Simple Feature - COM Revision Working Group
SFsql.rwg Member: Simple Features - SQL Revision Working Group
Sld.rwg Member: Styled Layer Descriptor Revision Working Group
SLDSE.swg Inactive: Member: SLD & SE Standard Working Group
SMAC Private: Strategic Member Advisory Committee
SmartCities.DWG Public: Discussion list for SmartCities DWG
SmartGrid-Announce Public: Smart Grid domain Annoucements
SOS-2.0.SWG Member: Sensor Observation Service 2.0 Standards Working Group (Observer Agreement Required)
SOS.rwg Inactive: Member list for Sensor Observation Service Revision Working Group
SPS-2.0.SWG Member: Sensor Planning Service 2.0 Standards Working Group (Observer Agreement Required)
SPS.RWG Inactive: Member list for Sensor Planning Service Revision Working Group
Styles-SE.swg Member: Styles and Symbology Encoding SWG
SW.IE Private: HDWG Surface Water IE (observer agreement required)
SW.IE.Case1 Private: Use Case 1 (Cross-Border Data Exchange) of the HDWG Surface Water IE (observer agreement required)
SW.IE.Case3 Private: HDWG Surface Water IE use case 3 (observer agreement required)
SWE-IoT.SWG Private: Sensor Web Enablement interface for Internet of Things SWG
SWE.Umbrella.SWG Member: SWE umbrella SWG group covering O&M, SensorML, SOS, SPS, and SWE Common (Observer Agreement Required)
SWE.Users Public: Sensor Web Enablement users
SWE.WG Member: Sensor Web Enablement working group
SWECommon.SWG Private: SWE Common SWG
SWEPro-CitSci Private: SWE Profile for Citizen Science
Tag Inactive: Technology Advisory Group for FGDC's I-Team
TC-Announce Member: This is the OGC Technical Committee Broadcast Announcement list
TCVoter Private: TC and Business reps from voting members controled via portal
Tech-Reps Private: Broadcast list for OGC Technical Reps
Testbed-12-03-Catalog Inactive: Private:
Testbed-13-IPTeam Inactive: IPTeam only (auto-sync) (Private)
Testbed-14 Inactive: Testbed-14 all contacts (Private) (auto-sync)
Testbed-14-App-Schema Inactive: Testbed-14 Application Schema list (Private)
Testbed-14-CFH Inactive: T-14 NextGen CFH Task (Private)
Testbed-14-CITE Inactive: T14 CITE Thread Requested Intro (Private)
Testbed-14-CityGMLAR Inactive: T14 NextGen CityGML and Augmented Reality task (Private)
Testbed-14-EOC Inactive: T14 EOC Thread (Private)
Testbed-14-EOC-Swath Inactive: Testbed-14 list on EOC/Swath (Private)
Testbed-14-Info-Reg Inactive: Testbed-14 Info Reg list (Private)
Testbed-14-LIDAR Inactive: Testbed-14 LIDAR list (Private)
Testbed-14-MachineLearning Inactive: Testbed-14 list on Machine Learning (Private)
Testbed-14-MapML Inactive: Testbed-14 MapML list (Private)
Testbed-14-MoPoQ Inactive: T14 MoPoQ Thread Requested Intro (Private)
Testbed-14-NG-Thread Inactive: T14 NextGen Thread Requested Intro (Private)
Testbed-14-Portrayal Inactive: Testbed-14 Portrayal list (Private)
Testbed-14-QoSE Inactive: Testbed-14 Quality of Service and Experience list (Private)
Testbed-14-Sponsors Inactive: Testbed-14-Sponsors (Private) (auto-sync)
Testbed-14-wsfcswf Inactive: T14 NextGen WS, Fed Cloud, Security, Workflows (Private)
Testbed-16 Private: Testbed 16 primary list
Testbed-16-MapML Private: Discussion list for T16-MapML task
Testbed-16-sponsors Private: Testbed 16 CFP and Selection
TilesApiSprint202004 Member: OGC API Tiles Sprint of April 2020
TJS.swg Member: Table Joining Service SWG (auto-sync)
TM.Routes Inactive:
Tocg Inactive:
UGAS2019 Private: UGAS-2019 IP initiative
UK-IR.Forum Public: Discussions focused around the UK and Ireland
UKForum-sc Member: UK Forum Steering Committee
UML.dwg Public: UML Modeling DWG discussion
Underground.Pilot Inactive: Underground Pilot (Private)
University-WG Member: Coordinate on academic issues
Unsp Inactive:
Update-ORM Public: Dissemination of changes on our OpenGIS Reference Model
USGS-IA Inactive: Private - USGS Interoperability Assessment discussion list.
UXS.DWG Public: Discussion List for UAV/UAS Domain Working Group
WaterIScd Member: WaterIScd
WaterML-2.0.SWG Member: WaterML 2.0 Standards Working Group (Observer Agreement Required)
WCS-dev Public: Web Coverage Service developers/Implementors
Wcs.rfc Inactive: Public: Request for Comments on Web Coverage Service
WCS.RWG Inactive: Web Coverage Service RWG
WCTileS.SWG Public: For Web Coverage Tile Service SWG
wfs-dev Public: Web Feature Server Developers/Implementors
WFS-FES.SWG Public: Features API SWG
WFS-Gaz-1.0.SWG Member: WFS Gazetteer Profile 1.0 Standards Working Group (Observer Agreement Required)
WFS-Gaz.rwg Inactive: Member list for OGC WFS Gazetteer Application Profile Revision Working Group
WFS.rwg Inactive: Member List: Over arching project for all WFS tasks
WFS.wg Member: Web Feature Service (WFS) Working Group
WFS1.1.RWG Member: Web Feature Service (WFS) 1.1 Revision Working Group
WFS1.2.RWG Member: Web Feature Service (WFS) 1.2 Revision Working Group
WFSBasic.Users Public: Web Feature Server Basic for simple geo-temporal data access on the Web
WMS.RWG Inactive: Member list for Web Map Service Revision Working Group
WMTS.cite Member: WMTS Testing
Workflow.dwg Public: Workflow Domain Working Group
WPS-dev Public: Web Processing Service Developers/Implementors
WTS.RFC Inactive: Public List - Web Terrain Service Request for Comment
WTS.rwg Inactive: Member list for Web Terrain Service discussions.

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